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  1. shadowfacedanes

    Oodles of Doodles Pet Art

    My annoyingly talented significant other is having a sale on his doodle style pet portraits. Thought I would share! Here are the specifics: *He really needs a clear photo to work from - no blurry/out of focus shots. He is a miracle worker and can work from horrible photos, but it...
  2. shadowfacedanes

    My Dog Totally Looks Like:

    Anyone else ever look at the site? I figured it would be fun to do a dog version. Here's my submission. My dog totally looks like: (Think I should change his name to Boarvus? ;) )
  3. shadowfacedanes

    Corvus and Ditto

    Corvus' infamous creepy intense stare. I was holding a toy...and he wanted me to throw it. In which we dangle from trees. And stand on giant rocks. And then Ditto. I know I hardly ever post full body shots, but THAT HEAD. The end.
  4. shadowfacedanes

    Oregon Peeps - I have questions

    There is a chance that the other half and I will be moving cross country in the near future. His Dad has a ranch in Oregon, and is getting older, and would like for us to move out there to be closer to him. Right now we don't have an exact location pinpointed, but I've looked into the county...
  5. shadowfacedanes


    The Mighty Grump, for your viewing pleasure. "Oh hai. Can you throw ball now, please?" "Srsly, throw the ball.." "You're making me twitch. THROW IT." "I love balls and I'm not ashamed to admit it." Anddddd a black and white Corvus:
  6. shadowfacedanes

    The Creeps

    First, a beautiful head shot of Ditto. I still can't get over the beautiful head on this girl. <3 And then some torturing of the Beetle (aka Corvus/Corndog/Toots) Black and white shot of my black and white girl. Such a sass. (Ignore the lack of fur. He's always been...
  7. shadowfacedanes

    Does anyone Listia?

    It's like Ebay, except everything is free. And it's awesome. And I joined 2 weeks ago and I can't stop. It's seriously addicting. Basically, you earn credits. You earn some for joining, you can earn some for doing little tasks (watch a video, share something, etc) or you can list items you...
  8. shadowfacedanes

    Great Dane needs urgent help - NC

    Dane at my local A/C. PTS date of 3/12/14 AM. Dane rescue is full and has no available foster homes so he is in dire need. I went and evaluated him today and he is a sweet, sweet boy. He was seized under a welfare check by A/C officers. He is thin. More details in the link to his photo album...
  9. shadowfacedanes

    I need somewhere to hide..

    Thanksgiving was beautiful here, so what better time was there to humiliate the dogs in an attempt to get some Christmas photos? I slept with one eye opened that night! Ditto thinks this is an appropriate time for the "Woe" face: Corvus is more perturbed about having to sit still than...
  10. shadowfacedanes

    Meet Ditto

    After losing Hannah, we weren't sure we'd add another dog to the family. Corvus is pretty dog selective, so we just weren't sure we wanted to stress him by trying to add another dog. As weeks turned into months, I could tell he was still moping, and so we started contemplating adding a 2nd dog...
  11. shadowfacedanes

    Anybody miss seeing Corvus?

    Dork dog is still dorky. He still makes me laugh every day. I can't imagine not having him in my life. He's seriously all that holds me together some days. I got a new computer so I have very few recent photos on here, but I did find a couple that represent him quite well. Smug dog is...
  12. shadowfacedanes

    Pet Portraits

    After much prodding, I've finally gotten the other half to get back to his pet portraits. He used to do them quite frequently, but took a hiatus and then was scared to get back to it for fear that he'd lost his talents. Ha! Upon losing Hannah, he found his inspiration again. Knowing we...
  13. shadowfacedanes


    I know it's been a while since I've posted here, and I'm not sure if anyone here now was even around back when I did post. I don't see a ton of familiar faces, but anyways.. I started posting here when Hannah was just a baby. She grew up here, so I felt I should post her memorial here...
  14. shadowfacedanes

    I died a little

    This made me crack up. YouTube - The Soup: The Dog Whisperer I *heart* Joel McHale.
  15. shadowfacedanes


    So, our best friend has been in Iraq since last April, it's his second tour. We've stayed in contact the whole time - emails, phone calls, letters, etc and he's said how he's getting out of the Army when his enlistment is up. He was part of one of the units that did convoys and raided houses...
  16. shadowfacedanes

    Hannah, Corvus, Nellie and even me...

    I'm just now getting around to uploading pics from back in December. :rolleyes: Anyways, Jeff was apparently playing Camera Sniper and took this picture of me and Corvus in the kitchen the day before my surgery. He clearly knew something was wrong....this picture just makes me melt. (Please...
  17. shadowfacedanes

    Dear Allergies,

    I cough and I sneeze Like I have a disease When the pollen tickles my nose I take two more pills Of the pink Benedryl That leaves me almost comatose My face feels all puffy My head feels like stone Oh why won't stupid allergies Just leave me alone. :( /whine Did I mention...
  18. shadowfacedanes

    The Freak Show is in town

    In my town, apparently. Work this weekend was, um, interesting to say the least. We have this young guy who comes in all the time who should be the poster child for why one should not do drugs. He is a brain-dead moron who, quite frankly, should be put in a room and forced to dry up...
  19. shadowfacedanes

    Wild boar

    I know I've heard something about wild pig meat possibly carrying something, starts with a "T" I think but I can't remember. I also think I remember reading that you need to freeze the meat for "X" amount of days to make it safe for consumption. But, I can't really find anything that says...
  20. shadowfacedanes

    Oh gross...

    So some of you may or may not remember the scumbags that used to live across the street from me. (The guy threatened to shoot Hannah because HIS kids and HIS dogs were always in my yard despite me telling them 5.8 million times that Hannah *would* go after anyone in my yard so stay out.)...