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    Opinion needed please, should I call Humane Society?

    Mon - Fri I go to a park-n-ride to catch a commuter bus for work. Next to the park-n-ride are some seedy looking low income apartments. For over a week now I have noticed a medium sized dog, possiblly a pit bull mix who apparently lives on a tiny, tiny balcony of a second story apartment...
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    Yorkie dives into the pond!

    I got an 8 week old Yorkie 2 weeks ago and each time I take him out to the back yard to do his thing, he goes straight for the pond. The pond is one pre-fab things with waterfall, etc so its not safe for Sam, the puppy to be around on his own, he is too small to get himself out. Every single...
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    Is this a big deal?

    I have two adult Yorkies and a week ago got a 8 week old Yorkie puppy. The puppy loves to eat the adult dog food and pretty much wont eat his puppy food. I am concerned he may be getting too much of something and not enough of another. To get the puppy to eat his puppy food, I have to feed my...
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    How many sleep IN the bed with you?

    Currently, I have two Yorkies that let my husband and I share a king bed with them. We are seriously thinking of getting a third Yorkie and I am wondering if anyone sleeps with more than 2 dogs and how is it?
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    Concerned, senior dog under anthesthia.

    I have a 13 year old Yorkie who needs to be put under anthesthia because he really needs to have his teeth cleaned and also seems to have some sort of blockage in his left nostril so the vet needs to take a close look at. He is prone to havig seizures, petit mal seizeures not the grand mal...
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    I wish

    :mad: there was a website to list people who should not own pets! I am thinking this would be a terrific cross-posting tool for those who sell or give pets away to people they know nothing about. Why am I wishing this? Well, I know a man who had two dogs. He emotionally neglects them...
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    How do they know?

    I share a back yard fence with another neighbor who has/had a Cocker Spaniel. My Yorkie found a small hole at the bottom of the shared fence and he loves to lay by that hole and look for the next door neighbors Cocker. When the Cocker is out in his own yard, the two dogs bark and bark at each...
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    Little Xmas present steeling dog!

    I got two new squeekies each for my two Yorkies. Last night I looked at my Xmas tree and realized there were no wrapped presents under it, just havent had the time to wrap any. SO, I got the dogs presents and wrapped them and wrapped a couple fo their old toys too just to make it look like they...
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    Symptoms of dogs being diabetic?

    I have an older Yorkie and for a couple of months and at least once or twice a week, my Cidney would drink lots of water, eat grass and throw it up for half the day. His stomach would sound like an alien was inside trying to get out and he looked like he was in pain. I finally figured out that...
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    Animals still being found alive in NOLA! If you go to the above webiste, you will read the most heart breaking stories ever about dogs STILL being found alive in NOLA! Help is still needed in many ways. The website updates almost dailey with new stories. Please read.
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    Going to Gonzales, LA

    Four of us ladies at the office have decided to travel to Gonzales, LA to help the shelter that is just totally overwhelmed right now. We have no idea what to expect but will prepare and take supplies to basically camp from our SUV. I figure we can take milk jugs of water to take a sufer style...
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    Going to Gonzales, LA

    Four of us ladies at the office have decided to travel to Gonzales, LA to help the shelter that is just totally overwhelmed right now. We have no idea what to expect but will prepare and take supplies to basically camp from our SUV. I figure we can take milk jugs of water to take a sufer style...
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    What can I use for misquotes for my dogs?

    Oh my gosh, the misqutoes are so bad all of a sudden. I was walking my dogs the other morning and I was swarmed by them. I was wondering if there is anything safe to use on my dogs because they love to go outside and sit in the sun. I do give them heatworm meds but can I give them something so...
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    Should I call the Humane Society?

    My stubborn father-n-law has a 14 year old lab mix that is in really bad shape. He rescued the lab when she was a a few years old and has always been a healthy dog with a thick coat of hair. I recently went over the my father-n-laws house and was in complete shock over the way the dog now looks...
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    Anyone ever heard of Evangers dog food?

    I bought two cans at a dog show I went to this past weekend and my Yorkies loved it, it looks and smells like great. The reason I am trying something new with them is because I am having a hard time finding a canned food they like anymore, I usually buy the Pedigree for small dogs and it's to...
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    I have a pack of wild Yorkies at my house!

    OK, so they arent really wild but they have the potential to be wild! I met a lady on a local Yorkie chat room who happens to live a few mile away from me. She came over with her two Yorkies for a play date with my two Yorkies. The lady, Pam was sooo nice and we are going to exchange Yorkie...
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    Do you know if its OK to freeze

    dry dog food? The reason I am asking, we seem to have a problem with moth's getting into the dog food even though its in a sealed container. I have had to toss 2 bags of food and this is getting expensive. I divided up some of the food in zip lock freezer bags and put them in the freezer, do you...
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    I am a bad momma!

    I took Scooter to the vet last Friday and was telling Scooter how sorry I was for having to take him to the vet on his birthday, I really did feel bad. Anyway, the vet walks in looks at Scooters chart and says, so Scooters weight is the same, his birthday was last month and I stopped her and...
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    My dog is a perv!

    Scooter the moose of a Yorkie likes to sit on the edge of the tub and watch while I shower. I have no idea why he likes to watch, lord knows what must be going thru his mind - probably that I should be running more than I have been, ha! Do you ever wonder what they are thinking? sometimes I...
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    2pups622 - I have a question for you.

    If you dont mind me asking, how big is brownie? He looks like he is the same size as my Scooter who is a few pounds bigger than a regular Yorkie. Scooter weighs 16 lbs, he is a moose, gives me so much more to hug on and I have never had any serious health problems with him, just the paw allergy...