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  1. staffanatic

    Merry Xmas from Nova

    She's so tolerant of my ideas. Merry Xmas everyone!
  2. staffanatic

    Herding or working dog?

    Ok, i am looking to you wonderfully knowledgeable people for help and insight. If i was to want a dog that's: protective intelligent very biddable (like a border collie) strong work ethic level headed, low anxiety off switch 40 - 60lbs What would you suggest?
  3. staffanatic

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello! My name is Dani and i live with my pack of beasts in Oregon. First there's Pixie, who is much older than these pictures show. She's a 12 year old Boston. We trained in agility and weight pull but never achieved any titles. Then there's my soulmate, Emma. She's 10, and other than...