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    I can't find any information on Pedigree dog food. I feed my dogs the dry and have for a while now. I switched to it from Iam's dog food. Is this a good healthy food for my dogs?
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    Im gonna need about 110ft of chainlink or some kind of fence put in when it gets warm again. I have a cocker spaniel and she's starting to get fat. I dont want to let her get that way. We've been going on walks about every other day with her, but its getting real cold now. Anyone know about...
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    Pics before bed (Cocker and Jackapoo)

    well, heres a couple at bedtime.
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    What do you do when you go on vacation? I can't leave my dogs here and wouldnt do that. I need some advice, or just not go on vacation at all. thanks
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    My cocker spaniel

    Abby has just turned 1 year old, i noticed a pretty small red bump on her neck/shoulder. It real small, but Im pretty sure its got bigger in the last 3-4 days. It doesnt hurt her or bother her at all. You can push on it or whatever and she acts like she dont know the difference. I can get a...
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    When is my puppy an adult..?

    I have a cocker spaniel thats about 2 weeks away from being 1 year old. She still chews on everything though. I have to tell her no a lot and she definetly knows what it means. She'll stop right then, but when im not paying attention she'll go right back to chewing on whatever it may be...
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    Guess My Breed

    Well, seems everyone else does it. hehe. Heres my boy, he's a mix between two breeds. See if you can figure it out. :p One he's just a baby and the other one was a few days ago.
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    My Puppy is housetrained but..

    I just signed up. Nice site. I have a male jackapoo about 8 months old. He was easy to house train. (Pad trained him from about 7 weeks old). He uses pads all the time or we let him outside on the porch and theres a screen out there that he thinks is the same thing. SO thats good. But...
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    Im new here, I found the site by searching Google. I have a female cocker spaniel named Abby and a male jackapoo named Buddy. Both are still puppies, around 8 months. This looks like a cool place to hang out, so im excited to get to know you people.:D