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  1. Muttkip

    What's on your name list?

    Well I haven't seen one of these in a while, and well I've added a few names to my list and thought we could all share our name lists! For me I currently have: Solar Prophet Intercept Ridge Apache Marshall Ranger Swamp Banjo Shark Bait Gypsy Danger
  2. Muttkip

    Poor fish....

    Outlaw gave them a nice view of his danglies!
  3. Muttkip

    I'm conflicted

    So as the title says I'm conflicted, the older I've gotten the more I've felt a void, so to say. See ever since I was little all I ever wanted to be was a Vet Tech or at least, working in a vet office. But the older I've gotten I've tried out different careers, and attempted different majors...
  4. Muttkip

    It's been a while

    Outlaw is now 15 months old, 26.5 at the withers and sits between 75-80lbs. He's turned into an amazing dog and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us. He's proven to be my dream dog and so much more!
  5. Muttkip

    Vibes for Outlaw

    Just got back from the vet with Outlaw and he has a staph infection and an allergic reaction to a flea bite :( He's on antibiotics and some anti-itching and much to his dismay will have to have a weekly bath as well! So some vibes maybe for a speedy recovery!
  6. Muttkip

    I feel guilty......

    This is more a vent then anything..... But I feel guilty about Beau and Outlaw. I'm starting to think that Outlaw is my heart dog and I feel so horrible about because I've always said Beau was. Beau was with me for 10.5 years and he was with me through everything, dark times and good times...
  7. Muttkip

    Derp and Death!

    Yeah my dogs are idiots, but I love them! "Koda dat waz funneh!!!" "GO AWAY PUPPY!!!!" BOOM!!! Face smack!! "Stop touching me!!!" "GO AWAY!" DERP and DEATH! "Catch me if you can Koda!!!" "I WILL KILL YOU!" Nice crazy eye Koda! Nice butt muscles Coleslaw! "DERPZ!?!"
  8. Muttkip

    OFA question?

    Does my regular vet X-ray Outlaw's hips and elbows when he turns 2 or do I see a specialist? Do they turn it into the OFA or do I? How long do the results usually take?
  9. Muttkip


    So to sum up Outlaw's first season of Dock Diving, he went from jumping 7 feet in the Novice division. To our next event where he broke his personal best 4 different times, went to finals twice, earned a leg towards his express SR title, earned his Junior title and brought home a small handful...
  10. Muttkip

    Just one!

    Just one of Outlaw, that shows how in tune he is with me. I've never know love from a dog the way he loves me. And how much he FOCUSES on me. It's insane to know how much he looks to me.
  11. Muttkip

    He's kinda snazzy!

    With his shades and camo bow-tie right?
  12. Muttkip

    Happy 1st Birthday Outlaw!

    Happy 1st birthday to Gunslinger's Wanted Dead or Alive "The Outlaw" or as you're commonly known as Coleslaw! I love you more then words can say, you crazy, goofy, rude, happy big black idiot! You've become more then I EVER expected out of you. You are my first sport dog and my introduction...
  13. Muttkip

    Outlaw update!

    My baby isn't a baby anymore :( He's 11 months old, is almost 26' at the withers, sits nicely at 80 lbs. He's officially my SDiT for my anxiety and depression. He's hopefully going to start making legs towards his senior title at our next comp and he'll be making his EV debut at the end of...
  14. Muttkip

    Stuff like this pisses me off!

    JUST. UGH! I hate this guy and what he's doing..... te3T-JHEris
  15. Muttkip

    Outlaw wants you to go shopping with him!

    He'll even carry your shopping basket :cool: watch?v=c6IMU3eBwmU
  16. Muttkip

    Let me OFFICIALLY introduce....

    Gunslinger's Wanted Dead or Alive JJ-R!!!!!!! That's right Outlaw earned his FIRST title EVER! He did at his second event ever all in one weekend. Now to aim for our national title! He earned his club title and I'm beyond excited! I just had to share. Outlaw is the first dog I've EVER...
  17. Muttkip

    Make him stop growing!

    He's twice the size of Takoda now. He's pushing 76 lbs and is 25' at the withers and towers over her, and he's only 9 months old. Where did my baby puppy go:cry:! When I first got him: And then he just kept growing!
  18. Muttkip

    Please talk me out of it!!!

    I like NEED this collar and have been drooling over it since, Jackson'smom showed me it! But how do I justify spending $70+shipping on a collar, when dock diving season isn't over yet and I have like 3-4 more events to go...
  19. Muttkip

    Future Tattoos?

    Anyone? Here's my current list I have yet to tackle! Shenron with the 7 star Dragon Ball Harry Potter: I'm thinking something similar to these! Beau over my heart: Similar to this, but instead of toes I want to do his name with the quote "Happy Trails, Happy Hunting" with...
  20. Muttkip

    I'd say he's grown A LOT!

    Yeah, guys when did my puppy turn into a DOG?! He's 25' at the withers now and sitting nicely at 72-75 lbs and he just turned 8 months old and is a week away from his second dock diving event! Oh and Takoda looks cute too! I love my Labraderps!