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    Poop Question - sniffing and licking?

    Good morning. Our sweet girl Octavia is 12 weeks and, doing extremely well with potty training however, she is fascinated by her poop. One time, she started to poop and then twirled around to sniff it while she finished pooping after the rotation. LOL We take away the poop immediately but, as I...
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    We have our pup on this and she REALLY loves it. She wasn't eating much at all when we brought her home and, switched to this and now, she devours it!
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    Hello from Canada!

    I am a fresh new Dog Mom. My sweet girl Octavia is an 11 week Boston Terrier. She is super small at 4.8lbs and, a total pleasure. We picked her up Friday night and, Saturday and Sunday she went the entire night in her crate and, had a big pee on the puppy pad as soon as we woke up and took her...