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    UK Based Website For The Labrador Owner

    Hi Everyone, :cool: If you are a labrador owner you'll love this site: A site dedicated to the labrador full of friendly chat and helpful advice, and so much more! If you have a lab - you'll love it! See you there.
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    Have You Ever Lost Your Labrador?

    Hi, We have set up a brand new website dedicated to finding lost labradors. The website was set up initially to help find a gorgeous black labrador called George, who was stolen from his owner a few months ago, he is yet to be reunited. If you have lost your lab, or what to help others...
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    Charity Day Out For The Labrador Owner

    Hi, Do you own a labrador? If you do, we are are holding our first charity 'Get Together' on August 20th at Kingsbury Waterpark in Warwickshire. This will be a fun, action packed day, starting of with a sponsored walk in the form of a 'Lab Waddle & Puppy Toddle'. !! Everyone...