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  1. Picklepaige


    It's been a while since I've posted pictures, so here are some I took about a month ago and am just now getting around to posting haha. Nothing too exciting, just us playing around in the backyard! He accidently bit Cory's finger while grabbing a ball, and they...
  2. Picklepaige

    Secret Santa?

    Are we doing it this year? This is the first year that I will actually have money and be able to play, so I really hope it's a go! It always looked so much fun, it'd be my luck if the first year I can do it is the first year Chaz doesn't do it haha :P
  3. Picklepaige

    How many chazzers have you met?

    I am sitting here waiting for my bus, so topic time yay! There's been quite a few Chaz meetups over the years. Who have you met? The person who posts the most names will get the Paige Approved Chaz Popularity Award (tm), bestowed by me and coveted by all. I have met: Linds DJEtzel...
  4. Picklepaige

    Walk in the Woods

    Just a few Finn pictures, since I haven't shared any in quite a while! Thanks for looking!
  5. Picklepaige

    Do you have a favorite?

    Saw this mentioned elsewhere, so decided to make a thread on it! Yay new threads! So, do you?
  6. Picklepaige

    Does your dog meet standard?

    Bored, and I thought this would be a fun little thread! If you have a purebred, do they meet the standard for looks and temperament? If they were entered in a conformation show, how do you think they would do? If you have a breed that can't be shown, how do they compare with other dogs of...
  7. Picklepaige

    Chicago Chazhound Meetup Pictures

    Posting my own thread for this! Pictures were all taken by my boyfriend. We had a WONDERFUL time at the meetup. Great people, great dogs, great times! I was having a meltdown about taking Finn and letting him off leash at this huge park, but he stayed with the group and had a great time...
  8. Picklepaige

    Good flea/tick/heartworm combo?

    I've been using Trifexis on Finn, which works great, I haven't found a live flea on him since I started using it a year and a half ago. The only thing is, it doesn't do anything for ticks. I have found a ton on him this year, and I need to find something that kills/repels them. I know...
  9. Picklepaige

    Dork boy and pretty girl

    Just some pictures I took around the apartment. Nothing exciting; just haven't posted pictures in a while! So much hate. Looks mighty interesting. Mighty interesting indeed. This is the most obnoxious toy I have ever had. The squeak is so loud oh my god. He finally killed...
  10. Picklepaige

    Breed guesses for Finn

    Laurelin's thread gave me inspiration to post this! I am super curious about what breeds Finn has in him. He was listed at the shelter as an "Akita mix" and I have had at least three separate people ask me if he was an Akita. I don't see any at all, and he acts nothing like what I imagine an...
  11. Picklepaige

    Finn Fun Snow Dump!

    It snowed in Mississippi. This never happens. So yeah, I took quite a few pictures! I ended up deleted a good bit of them, but there's still about 50, so settle in for a snow dump! I'm so happy I got him to walk out to the end of that log! He didn't notice the...
  12. Picklepaige

    Is the "honeymoon" period actually a thing?

    I am talking about people here, not dogs, though I am interested if it is actually a thing with dog ownership as well, as I hear it talked about a lot :p Human relationships intrigue me, and this is something I have been wondering about. I have been with my S/O for four years. In those four...
  13. Picklepaige

    Aquarium lighting help please!

    I have a fluorescent bulb for my 10 gallon aquarium, and I've only had it about 6 months. The past three or so months the light has been wacky, either not turning on at all or turning on 10 minutes after I pressed the button. When I tried to turn it on today, it "zapped" and started smoking...
  14. Picklepaige

    What is your ideal pack?

    I looove these type of threads, and we haven't had one in a while, so let's go! Right now, I think I want four. Two koolies, a GSD, and Finn. Of course this could change, and there are other breeds I am interested in, but for now that is what I am thinking. My boyfriend also wants a dog, but...
  15. Picklepaige

    Afternoon at the park

    Boyfriend and I took Finn and went to one of the state parks around here for Valentine's Day. It was fun, and Finn had a great time! 2 more!
  16. Picklepaige

    Best cat collar?

    ...for a cat who scratches? My boyfriend bought his cat Arya a collar (one of those nylon Kong collars) and within a few days she had scratched at it so much it was completely frayed. We want to get a nice leather collar (Ella's Lead probably) but we're scared she will ruin that one as well. Can...
  17. Picklepaige

    Pick a breed for us!

    I've decided that, for my next dog, I want an Australian koolie. She will be coming in (hopefully) 2017, so I have no idea when the dog that *this* thread is talking about will be coming, but this is mostly just for fun anyway. I've been getting interested in conformation lately, and I think...
  18. Picklepaige

    Harness question

    I'm ordering Finn a Ruffwear Front Range Harness (black friday sale woot woot!) but I'm having trouble deciding which size he needs. He chest measures 27 and a half inches...which is half an inch above small and half an inch below medium :rolleyes: Which one should I get? I'm not sure whether...
  19. Picklepaige

    BAT for leash reactivity...but different?

    So, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy offers classes on BAT. I was thinking about taking it with Finn, because he is sort of leash reactive, but not in an aggressive way. What happens, is when I'm walking Finn and he sees another dog, he zeros in on that dog and loses all focus. He lunges and barks...
  20. Picklepaige

    Buying a first house?

    So, my boyfriend and I are looking at buying a house in about 2.5 years. I'll be out of school then, and he just got offered a full time position at his job, so he should have a good chunk of change saved up for house buying purposes. My question is, is it as easy as it looks? By the time...