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  1. Muttkip

    Eukanuba/AKC Classic...

    Which one? I knew most of the dogs down there.
  2. Muttkip

    Service dog networking/community

    Isn't your female that you bred not to long ago currently living on a chain somewhere and since you're getting out of Bullies what's that breed you're looking for next? Oh an "alternative" style of frenchies.
  3. Muttkip

    What are you currently feeding?

    Couldn't hurt to try 4health.
  4. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Try adding lard and vegetable oil, I know a lot of APBT people do it to fatten up their dogs for winter.
  5. Muttkip

    What are you currently feeding?

    I've been feeding 4health Grain-Free Duck and Potato for almost 2 yearish now. Outlaw does amazing on it, he has a very sensitive stomach and will puke on most other foods. I have tried other flavors of 4health and tried Victor and Abound as well. But he coat lost it's shine and became almost...
  6. Muttkip

    Caleb Gets His Angel Wings

    Omg I'm so deeply deeply and truly sorry for your loss. I loved Caleb, he was one of my favorite dogs on the forum and in our Lab groups. May he rest in paradise :(
  7. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Current story of my life, it's bad when you have to borrow them from people for an event because you can't afford your own.
  8. Muttkip

    What's on your name list?

    Well I haven't seen one of these in a while, and well I've added a few names to my list and thought we could all share our name lists! For me I currently have: Solar Prophet Intercept Ridge Apache Marshall Ranger Swamp Banjo Shark Bait Gypsy Danger
  9. Muttkip

    Leather Collars

    Currently we have only one leather collar that Outlaw hasn't manage to destroy and it's from, love them! Great customer service, the collar is thick, very soft and most importantly VERY VERY strong!!!
  10. Muttkip

    The Happiest Little Hiccup

    Such a happy Furby!!!!!
  11. Muttkip

    What dog breed do you plan on getting next?

    Right now it's looking like an American Bulldog
  12. Muttkip

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Are you hoping for a boy or girl this go round?
  13. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    If I read and counted correctly Outlaw is currently #9 in the World with a club Senior title with Dock Dogs!! And this is with only the first event of the season! With the jump average he's currently #53 in the world! I'm could not be more proud of this dog!
  14. Muttkip

    Does Your Dog Offer Behaviours?

    Outlaw's go to is "Pretty", if that doesn't work you see his 80 pound butt fling his back end up on something and offer a handstand. It hurts......
  15. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Outlaw broke his PB of 20' he went 20'8!!! Also made his debut in EV, he missed but he has the idea down!
  16. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Up at 5:30am for Dock Diving! I'm so excited for the first event of the season! Outlaw hit a possible new PB in practice yesterday at what looked 23'!
  17. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    First dock diving even of the seaso this weekend and Outlaw is making his debut in Extreme Vertical (hopefully) and Speed Retrieve. I'm so nervous!
  18. Muttkip

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Georgia surprisingly has a lot of Dog clubs and events. Just saying!
  19. Muttkip

    Poor fish....

    Outlaw gave them a nice view of his danglies!