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    I can't find any information on Pedigree dog food. I feed my dogs the dry and have for a while now. I switched to it from Iam's dog food. Is this a good healthy food for my dogs?
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    Anyone? 1 view?
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    Im gonna need about 110ft of chainlink or some kind of fence put in when it gets warm again. I have a cocker spaniel and she's starting to get fat. I dont want to let her get that way. We've been going on walks about every other day with her, but its getting real cold now. Anyone know about...
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    My cocker spaniel

    Thanks for replying. I took her to the vet, and paid 65$ for them to tell me it was probably nothing. It went away in about another two weeks. All is good :)
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    Pics before bed (Cocker and Jackapoo)

    well, heres a couple at bedtime.
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    I dont have anyone I trust enough with my dogs. I had one i was gonna leave at a boarding kennel and I was gonna take the other. Heres the boarding kennel today. I left her there once for a few hours during the day to get her hair cut. I'll...
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    What do you do when you go on vacation? I can't leave my dogs here and wouldnt do that. I need some advice, or just not go on vacation at all. thanks
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    My cocker spaniel

    Abby has just turned 1 year old, i noticed a pretty small red bump on her neck/shoulder. It real small, but Im pretty sure its got bigger in the last 3-4 days. It doesnt hurt her or bother her at all. You can push on it or whatever and she acts like she dont know the difference. I can get a...
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    When is my puppy an adult..?

    I havent taught her leave it, thats an idea. Maybe its the exersize thing. We live in a small house and theres no fence outside yet, so she's usually inside with not a lot of running room.
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    When is my puppy an adult..?

    I have a cocker spaniel thats about 2 weeks away from being 1 year old. She still chews on everything though. I have to tell her no a lot and she definetly knows what it means. She'll stop right then, but when im not paying attention she'll go right back to chewing on whatever it may be...
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    Need Help, Cut toenail short... bleeding

    I didnt realize i cut it as short as i did. I hate cuttin the nails in the first place because i've been afraid I'd hurt him. He's running around and playing, it must not be hurting. Thanks.
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    Need Help, Cut toenail short... bleeding

    I cut one of his toenails too short apparently. It dont look short but he yelped and its bleeding. I held a wet paper towel on it for a few minutes but i think its still bleeding. Is it gonna stop? Advice asap please
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    So angry!!

    You should call the manager right now. I would have set her straight. Just because that dog is a Yorkie and he's cute doesnt mean anything really. Theres a lot more to a dog than whether is purebred. I guess it doesnt matter to most people whether its a brother/sister pup or not. Thats...
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    What mix is a Gizmo?

    Whats so bad about a mixed breed? It's better than keeping it all in the family.. .
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    mixed breed- what you think my dog is?

    i agree with the beagle/golden I dont really see the cocker...
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    I think if you give him love and keep it going, he'll come out of it. My Cocker spaniel, i got at about 7-8 weeks and when i got her... there was some kids holding her and the male. The kids were doing exactly what you shouldnt do with a puppy that litlte. Anyways, she wasnt a big people...
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    "Official 2005 Possum Holler Mutt Club e-Dog Show" thread:

    That Maltipoo is beautiful!!!
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    Should I let my girfriend get another dog???

    Dude, dont get the dog. Its just more you gotta take care of. I know how hard it is keeping up with two. I have a 2 puppy's right now, its not easy. If she was living with you, i'd say go for it. I'd just say hey, later when we are living together.. we'll get another one.
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    My Puppy is housetrained but..

    he's about 8 months... i need to get him neutered now
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    What is my dog???

    Im pretty sure he's got some poodle in him too. He doesnt really look like a jack/poodle mix in the first picture, but they all dont really look alike. Post some more pictures.