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  1. Torch

    Managing reactivity/dog aggression

    I have a good friend who is dealing with some reactivity and aggression issues between her two bull breed mixes. I've been able to give her some pointers but I'm looking for specific resources and books that you all recommend. Double points if it's bull breed focused. Thanks!
  2. Torch

    New photos

    I haven't been very good about posting updated pictures. Rhys earned his UKC championship about a month ago as at 13 months. I was over the moon considering he showed poorly (we were in an hot ass pavilion type thing with a judge that allowed no bait. Oh, and a ring time of 1pm lol.) At this...
  3. Torch

    Carolina Classic

    I showed Rhys in confirmation last Saturday and Sunday in the Carolina Classic (UKC). He was really awesome and had a great time. On Saturday he got Best Male and thus earned 25 points towards his championship. Not bad for a ten month old with a newbie handler! There was also a weightpull on...
  4. Torch

    Skye's Heir of the Dragon at 9 months

    Well, almost 10 months old now. Got a few new pics of the pup. Apologies for the quality; all were taken on my cell phone. We've been dabbling in AKC conformation and Rhys has won a few ribbons, but no points yet. Definitely going to be hitting up some UKC shows soon. A couple of months...
  5. Torch

    leash training for reactivity/DA

    I am really curious about other members' techniques and experiences with this. Rhys is nine months old and becoming increasingly more reactive/DA. I'm not sure I'd call it DA simply because he's never out of my control or able to get at another dog. We live in the city and unfortunately...
  6. Torch

    Wider biothane?

    Anybody had any luck ordering wider biothane collars? I'm looking for at least 1.5 inch wide collars. The only place I've found is gun dog supply, but it looks like the blaze orange is the only color available in 1.5. Any suggestions?
  7. Torch

    Predicting adult temperament

    Can you predict adult temperament? At what age can you start to feel that temperament is 'set'? I'm very curious about others' opinions on this. Rhys is almost 6 months old and I am very, very happy with his temperament. He's very correct temperamentally for an Amstaff and I love pretty much...
  8. Torch

    Rhys's new ears

    We got Rhys cropped last Tuesday at the age of 14 weeks and 3 days. The vet came highly recommended and prefers to wait until 14 weeks to crop APBT/Amstaffs. I think it worked out great because a) we got more time with the floppy ears! and b) Rhys's ears changed a ton and were starting to come...
  9. Torch

    Help me with a tagline!

    Please :) I'm trying to decide on a tagline for Rhys, my 14 week old AST. I'll include some factoids and let the brilliant collective minds turn loose! We pronounce his name 'Reese' and I often call him 'Reesie cup' or the 'peanut butter cup pup'. Weird, I know. He is very happy...
  10. Torch

    Puppy behavioral question

    So, I was skimming through my new copy of "How to raise a puppy you can live with" and something interesting caught my eye. The book mentioned something about puppies being more bratty before 4 months of age because they are unaware of how annoying their behavior is from a social standpoint...
  11. Torch

    Rhys and Henry

    Henry is such a good big brother. 60805_10201107924952977_1978244252_n by torchbearer10, on Flickr Riding in carts. 539601_10201029715877799_48764506_n (1) by torchbearer10, on Flickr 578967_10201091277256795_1510653491_n by torchbearer10, on Flickr Bug watching...
  12. Torch

    Just a few

    His ears get more crazy every day and I love it. wonkyears by torchbearer10, on Flickr beingadorable by torchbearer10, on Flickr 996876_10201020252961232_1272985769_n by torchbearer10, on Flickr This is asleep next to me right naow. 945807_10201023154153760_702892962_n by...
  13. Torch

    Hiking advice

    I love hiking but I'm a total newb. I've cobbled together my gear and still wear sneakers. What kind of shoes do all you avid chaz hikers recommend? And some good pieces of gear? I'm tired of being an amateur lol. Thanks!
  14. Torch

    New pics of Rhys

    We've decided to name our new little guy Rhys. He's not home yet, but I'm really hoping the name fits him. His litter's theme was Game of Thrones, so I picked a name that sounded (to me) like a Targaryen king's name. His registered name is going to be Skye's Heir of the Dragon. Hope y'all...
  15. Torch

    I bought Henry a new car

    We had been planning a new vehicle purchase for quite some time, and my husband's piece of junk car finally crapped out. I got to pick the car since it's my daily driver now. It's a 2006 Mazda 3 hatchback with 86500 miles on it. My first car was a Mazda hatchback and I've wanted another one...
  16. Torch

    How is he so cute?!

    Even after 5+ years together, I still go gaga over my boy. I take pics almost every day. IMG_1262 by chance1191, on Flickr Ze cutes. I haz em. cutie by chance1191, on Flickr henry14 by chance1191, on Flickr Me: "Henry, you look so cute in your sweater!" Henry: "I hate...
  17. Torch

    Henry in the snow

    Took Henry out into one of the rare Knoxville snowfalls and played for a little bit. He had a blast. IMG_1226 by chance1191, on Flickr Wheeee!!! IMG_1217 by chance1191, on Flickr Eating snow IMG_1246 by chance1191, on Flickr My two faves. I love, love, love the intensity of...
  18. Torch

    Henry the mystery mutt!

    I consider Henry to be quite the wondermutt. I truly have no idea what he is. His original intake papers are sketchy and obviously the awesome person who dumped a box of puppies is a reliable source. Whoever dumped Henry and his littermates owned his mother, who they listed as a 'lab/pitt...
  19. Torch

    Personal experiences with Akitas?

    Anyone here every owned one or known one well? My husband is not really a dog person, but grew up with an Akita and would like to have another one day. I've not really done any research on the breed, and have never known one personally. Are the temperament issues that I've heard about...
  20. Torch

    Henry at the park

    We are very fortunate to live close to a small greenway. There's a paved walking track and some trails cut back in the woods. We very rarely run into people so Henry can run loose on a long line. It's a nice little getaway super close to the house. These were taken with my point and shoot (which...