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  1. Skits

    The little terror

    So the last post I made, we were looking for a name for our 5 month old puppy that we adopted. It took us a year to finally come up with something that suit him! His name changed a lot, and a few stuck for a short while but we came up with Hobbes. He's been a blast to own, completely different...
  2. Skits

    Why does naming have to be so difficult..

    So we adopted this little guy about a month ago and he still doesn't have a name. He's a 5.5 month old schnauzer mix, not sure exactly what. He's a pain in the ass, always getting hold of everything, taking clothes out of the basket and hiding them, chasing the cats..but what less is expected of...
  3. Skits

    Let's talk colors.

    I was wondering what colors go best on certain colored dogs. I have a golden boy, a brindle boy, and now we're pending for a black pup. We're going to go collar shopping for the new pup and I have no idea what colors to look at! I want to start shopping online now! :) So let's see those...
  4. Skits

    Dog parks

    I was wondering why some people here go to dog parks? I used to go to them, but since getting my apbt, we have stopped going. He started fights with random dogs and I believe one of the bad experiences he had there has made him more dog aggressive. I've also read about dogs dying in dog parks...
  5. Skits

    My name is Nitro and I still wet the floor..

    So I'm having problems with Nitro urinating on the floor. It is not a health issue, and he doesn't not have control of his bladder. He'll just hold it for a few minutes, cry, and if he's not let out - go. He used to make territory around the house but now he's been neutered a few months back...
  6. Skits

    If a strange dog attacks

    My boyfriend and I were walking my two dogs today and realized we had no idea what we'd do in a situation where a strange dog would run up and start attacking my dogs..what would everyone do in this situation?
  7. Skits

    Sports for an APBT?

    Before getting Nitro, I was researching a breed that I'd be able to do agility with or any other dog sports with. I was looking at a few breeds but then Nitro came to us unexpectedly. He's not at all the dog I wanted stubborn wise and attention span wise but he makes a good companion really and...
  8. Skits

    Introducing dogs to each other

    So in anywhere from 1-4 weeks, we'll be moving close to my boyfriends parents home and my boyfriend (M) and I decided that it might be fun to walk his parents dog, and mine together. It won't be for a while as I'm still working on some issues with my own two, but thought I can get a head start...
  9. Skits

    DA - I need help. Fast.

    I'm having a lot of problems with Nitro and Buddy. They get into one fight maybe every day or two, and when it's not the fighting that's the problem, it's the constant stress. Each time Nitro just looks at Buddy, I get nervous. And Buddy is becoming afraid of Nitro. I have realized that if...
  10. Skits

    My rescue and ferret pictures!

    About four years ago, I started taking in ferrets in my home and finding them homes. Unfortunately, I got too attached to most of them, leading me to have about 11 ferrets at one time. It took a while but I was able to realize that I could find them great homes, and I did! I still get updates on...
  11. Skits

    My boy is getting neutered!

    Well, I haven't had to neuter a dog in, well..6 years. I'm finally going to neuter Nitro, my apbt mix, after two years. Any things to keep in mind? I will be bringing him in on the 13th, and have to feed him beforehand and he'll be neutered on the morning of the 14th. Any advice on care...
  12. Skits

    The arachnids

    So here are some pictures of my arachnids in the home. Hopefully sometime soon I'll be adding some more! Maxwell - Brachypelma Boehmei Nebula - Nhandu Coloratovillosus Sulphur - Brachypelma Albopilosum Argon - Hydrodynastes Gigas Rutherford - Brachypelma Vagans...
  13. Skits

    My horde!

    So I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my little reptile horde. I've been keeping reptiles for going on the forth year now. It started with a gecko, then a wild caught american toad, and my first snake, and so on. I'll start with introducing the lizards first. First is Falcor, an eight...
  14. Skits

    Harnesses or collars?

    I started to wonder if my two breeds needed collars or harnesses on walks. I have a 66 pound am bulldog x APBT, and a 75 pound golden retriever x border collie. Is a harness, collar, or something else best for these dogs? Also it's way in the future, but for a breed like an airedale terrier...
  15. Skits

    Saving Artoo

    Hi all, I don't know if this is allowed on the forum or not, but I'm desperate for help for my cat, Artoo. Artoo is a year old, we were given him by someone who was going to take him to the shelter when he was just a little kitten. He's an amazing cat. He'll run around the house trotting...
  16. Skits

    Neutering questions

    I've put off neutering my pittie mix for the past two years that we've had him, but recently, the thought of adding a third male dog into the house has made us think twice, and brought me to the conclusion of getting him done. However, I've been reading on some pros and cons and am starting...
  17. Skits

    Adding a third dog

    We've been thinking about adding a third dog into the home. After talking about it or a couple of hours with my boyfriend, we realized that another dog would fit right in, if it was the right dog. He's had a fox terrier mix in the past, so we were looking into another fox terrier, or airedale...
  18. Skits

    Monsters in the sun

    Photobomber More
  19. Skits

    Need to rehome 3 ferrets..

    As I've posted about a few times, I currently have 8 ferrets. I had my original five, and I was emailed a few months ago to take in 5 unwanted/sick ferrets. My boy Noah passed away from a fast spreading cancer, and my girl Dallas passed away after only one day of being here from a seizure in her...
  20. Skits


    I went out with my boys to get some pictures of them today. It's almost a month now that we have Nitro, Buddy's enjoying his new little brother. Most of the time outside was spent with Buddy getting HIS soccer ball away from Nitro. :rolleyes: -more-