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  1. oscar


  2. katie21


    firstly i didnt do any research on his breed because i got him from the pound so i didnt exactly know what dog i was going to get, but if you want i spose i could have easily just left him there for a few more days and done some research then decided nah don't want him and he would have got put...
  3. katie21


    Thanks for all the replies...............He is in a run all day as i am at school and no one else is at home and we live next door to a farm, it would be unsuitable to keep him in the house also as we have cats and they get him even more hypo, i do take him out as soon as i get home from school...


  5. katie21


    hi, i would like to know what are the best teaching methods, for stopping my 7 month old labrador to not jump up, and getting him to settle down. He is in a kennel with a run attached to it all day apart from the weekends, and when i go to let him out of it, he is very hypo and he jumps up...
  6. oscar


    Oscar, now 6 1/2 months old
  7. oscar and teddy

    oscar and teddy

  8. katie21

    put them back!!

    I watched a dog training program where they were teaching this and they said that once they are able to bring them bck to you on command then try putting their toy box between your legs and make them drop it into the box and say 'toy box' (or what ever you want to call it) at the same time so...
  9. katie21

    tearing up paper

    hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to teach my 5month old pup to stop tearing up paper and other things he finds. so far i have tried telling him NO and taking it of him but he always manages to keep doing it. please i need help desperately as my dad has threatened to not let him come...
  10. *~silly boy~*

    *~silly boy~*

    oscar now 4 months
  11. oscar sit ?!?!!!

    oscar sit ?!?!!!

    what a good boy!!!
  12. my lil prince!!

    my lil prince!!

    Its ma baby boy saylim what a playful wee boy
  13. katie21

    bones are for outside

    hi, does anyone have any good ideas on how to teach my pup to play with his bones outside!! its so annoying because he is constantly droppping them on the ground. :(
  14. sleepy boy!!

    sleepy boy!!

    oscar having rest after playing
  15. katie21

    Comment by 'katie21' in media 'ma baby boy !!!'

    hi, yes ur right he's a lab cross and a lucky one too!!!!
  16. katie21

    Comment by 'katie21' in media 'climbing the stairs'

    Topaz is a miniture lop and yes this was the top step and she gt a treat afterwards hehe
  17. Oscar


    my wee boy!!
  18. katie21

    Comment by 'katie21' in media 'Alie.'

    ohhhh that is just the cutest!!!
  19. katie21

    Comment by 'katie21' in media 'Tyson'

    oh what a georgous wee puppy you must love him to bits, i know i would !!!
  20. climbing the stairs

    climbing the stairs

    this is my bunny topaz climbing up the stairs, as well as posing for the picture