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    This is my kitten Bruce, named after University of Tennessee Men's Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl. Here he is posing with the Bruce Bobblehead given away at one of the first home games.
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    Comment by 'kti5783' in media 'My little heros'

    Cute. . . You must be bored.
  3. K

    Comment by 'kti5783' in media 'My little heros'

    Oh. . .Didn't read the "I was bored". Just looked at the picture. I'm an idiot. . . . .
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    Comment by 'kti5783' in media 'My little heros'

    Cute. You must be bored. Love you.
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    Comment by 'kti5783' in media 'Baby'

    CUTE????? That's one mean mammajamma! j/k. Liza, Tia, Bo, Pete, Reese, Baby, Bruce, Ashley, Dad, Rick, Everyone else, and myself are all Excited you'll be coming back. Especially Shelly and Sky!
  6. Bruce @ 6 weeks

    Bruce @ 6 weeks

  7. Baby and Bo

    Baby and Bo

    Baby (Rottweiler) just got caught chewing on the chair as Bo (German Shepherd) looks on.
  8. Reese


    Reese in her T-Shirt
  9. Liza


    Liza Relaxing
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    Comment by 'kti5783' in media 'Pete'

    nephew. . . Sorry sis.
  11. Katy


    This is my first dog Katy back in her prime. I had her from 1988-2003. She was a Lhasa/Shih Tzu
  12. Reese, Baby, Liza

    Reese, Baby, Liza

    If you want to run with the Big Dogs, you've got to get off the front porch.
  13. Tia


  14. Baby


  15. Reese


  16. K

    Floppy German Shepherd Ears

    My German Shepherd is a little over two years old and has floppy ears. The vet said we should massage each one for ten minutes a day about three times a day and they would eventually stand. Does anyone have any other ideas or solutions?
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    Newish from Knoxville

    I joined the website a couple of days ago and have been spending most of my time uploading pictures so my sister in Florida can easily see them. . . I've been a dog Fanatic for over nineteen years and I currently have five. Between my wife and myself we have a Boxer, Dachsund/Jack Russell...
  18. Reese the Yorkshire Terrier

    Reese the Yorkshire Terrier

    This is my wife's other dog, Reese
  19. Tia (Jack Russell Terrier/Dachusnd)

    Tia (Jack Russell Terrier/Dachusnd)

    This is one of my wife's dog's,Tia.
  20. Tia attacking Basketball

    Tia attacking Basketball