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    I'd say Border Collie X Kelpie. It has the BC markings at the top of its neck. And the kelpie nose. Lol
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    The "anti-breeding" forum?

    I haven't been on here much lately, but I do think this forum is a little anti-breeding compared to the other forums i visit. Not in a bad way though. I'm not sure how bad byb'ing is over where you guys live. Here its pretty bad though. The other forums all have registered breeders there, with...
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    Tunnel Problems.....

    I'd say shortening the tunnel, so she can see out the other side. Then, gradually build it up to a straight tunnel. Then start curving it.
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    Just a few update pics of my two

    Spencer Sandra xx
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    Just a few update pics of my two

    Hey, Just updating a few pics of my lot. Maddy's doing obedience and Spencer's doing agility. Both are going very well. Maddy From this.. To this..
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    Please Join!

    Your forum looks great!
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    Please Join!

    Thanks Auscats. I'll show your link to a few people if you like. I'll check it out :) Sandra
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    Please Join!

    Hey guys. Would love it if you could join my forum. It's all abotu dogs and dog related things. Lots about agility, obedience, herding , tricks, pups, senior dogs, adults ect. Just have a look at least. Let me know what you think.. Thanks :D...
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    Thinking about getting Coop in agility

    The main thing to learn in agility is focus first. Once you've got your dog fully focused on you then you can get started on equipment. You learn other things like shoulder work ect. The dog follows the movement of your shoulders while running the coarse. Sandra
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    What dog sports do your dogs do?

    I do agility with my Border Collie and Obedience with my German Shepherd. Hoping to get both into trialing stage..
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    Grand First Day! Year of the Dog

    Great drawings guys :) Richie did ya end up finishing the two pics you drew? & And Smkie. Wow!! How long did it take you to do it? They're awesome!! :)...
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    Riot from today - Conformation

    He's gorgeous :D
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    Greetings from Sydney

    Upload your pics to and get the [img] bit, and paste it in your reply. Welcome btw, lol
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    merry xmas

    Maybe If you post this in the general or off topic section you'll get more replies. Anyway, Merry late Christmas
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    Taking 9 week old out to a pug gathering

    We had Maddy done at 6, 8 and 12 I think it was. We took her around to places in our arms at around 11-12 weeks. No contact with other dogs or animals though. We took her for walks in our arms, garden ect.
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    Tessa-Did you get your dog at 10 years old then start agility then? Isn't that a bit old to start? Or did you mean 10 months?
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    i wiinnn...for a sec...
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    Dakota ..

    How did she tell you guys?
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    Last Person to Post Wins!

    lol key
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    Im baackk!!

    What RPG are you talking about?