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    Rescued dog beats parvo & distemer to raise $ for charity

    Portrait of the artist as a young dog. By Ann Parker Special for The Republic April 15, 2000 Spanky doggedly pursues career in world of art. Pit bull's paintings raise funds for charitable causes Referred to as the "Pitcasso" of the art world, southeast Valley resident Spanky cuts...
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    Dog has message for vick

    Okay this is funny..
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    She is staying

    Ani (my pit bull foster) was stolen last week by dog fighters. Needless to say we are moving at the end of the month! I think I know who stole her but there is no solid proof. I got her back after paying $400. It's a long story, but I got her back! Talked it over with my boyfriend who...
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    Denver to expand breed ban? Dover ponders stricter pet control measures By Kate House-Layton, Delaware State News DOVER — Dover could take a harder stance on pet owners with a proposed expansion of the city’s animal control laws. Dover City...
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    My new foster?

    Okay so I got a new foster on Wednesday, I named her Ani. The problem is I dont think I can let her go!!!! She is the sweetest dog, gets along great with my dogs & cats. She fits in so well. I would feel bad though because it would mean I couldnt foster any more and there are always tons...
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    Help! LR, AR

    Sadly I just heard on the news they are proposing a pit bull ban. This is complete BS and I will need your help in fighting it. How can they ban pit bulls if they are overwhelmed with phone calls & emails. Tracy Roark - Manager...
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    Calgary, Alberta's dog laws Calgary Creates a Model for Dealing with Dangerous Dogs If I told you the solution to preventing dog bites was stronger dog control laws and better public education - you'd probably just smile and nod... Sure, good in theory right...
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    Another pit bull story. Defending a breed dogged by bad PR 08:03 AM CST on Friday, January 12, 2007 By JACQUIELYNN FLOYD / The Dallas Morning News Laura Dapkus used to shy off...
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    A few "pit bull" attacks

    Hm.... A case of mistaken Identity... Quite often dogs that attack are identified as pit bulls when they are not. It seems that that any dog of medium build with short hair is thought to be a pit bull. There are 20+...
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    3 day COUNTDOWN: Operation Rachael Ray! May 6th, 2007 There are only 3 days left to prepare for Operation RR. This Wednesday May, 9th marks the tragic 2 year anniversary of an enforced Breed Ban in Denver,CO that has cost the lives of nearly 2,000 pit bulls and mixes that resemble this...
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    Am. Staff Terrier Involved In Incident With Child At Akc Event

    PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST AP NEWS: BERRYVILLE , VA APRIL 5 2007 AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER INVOLVED IN INCIDENT WITH CHILD AT AKC EVENT Police were called today to the Clarke County Fairgrounds to investigate an incident involving an American Staffordshire Terrier dog and a 9 year...
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    The bond of man & dog

    This is from a NY times article..Warning, this is a tear jerker... of the dog.. Here is the article: And it wouldnt...
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    Sign petition

    Not sure if this has been posted yet or not but if it hasn’t been, please sign this petition. It is against the woman who drown the 650 animals so they wouldn’t “languish in the system”. I can’t imagine what kind of a sick person could do that to helpless animals but she does NOT need to be...
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    My crazy little family--LOTS of pics

    I dont think I have ever posted pictures of my dogs on here... So-- Weston: Marley hates to have her picture taken: Older picture of her as a puppy:
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    Skinny dog

    I adopted Nico, a GSD/greyhound (that is my guess, he looks more like a GSD but is skinny like a greyhound) mix about a year ago. He hasnt filled out the way I would like for him to. He is only about 50 lbs. I feed him 5 cups of Canidae a day (which is a lot more than the vet suggested), and...
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    Dog saves family from snake then dies :( Friday, February 16, 2007 Dog saves family from cobra, is killed By HERBIE GOMEZ CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (Feb 16) – A pit bull terrier proved beyond doubt that a dog can become a man’s best friend when it saved and gave its life for its master’s...
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    Service dog not allowed in Wal mart

    Just because she is a pit bull??? Here’s the service dog’s website: Comment to wal mart:
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    Another positive

    I am trying to find the link again. Will post it as soon as I can find it.. ************************************************ Hall of Fame Pit Bull Last Edited: Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007, 10:19 PM CST Created: Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007, 9:56 PM CST Ruby, a pit bull, will be one of three...
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    Please help! Springfield, MA

    I really need to get a home visit done in Springfield, MA or get someone's advice on a certain area of town where I am considering adopting my pit bull foster to. If you live in Springfield, MA I would really appreciate your help.
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    SAR dogs

    She has a really cool site : Defying Discrimination July 2006 Think pit bulls are vicious dogs that should be banned? Meet Cheyenne, Dakota and Tahoe, three amazing pit bulls who, with their work as...