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    Just a few update pics of my two

    Hey, Just updating a few pics of my lot. Maddy's doing obedience and Spencer's doing agility. Both are going very well. Maddy From this.. To this..
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    Please Join!

    Hey guys. Would love it if you could join my forum. It's all abotu dogs and dog related things. Lots about agility, obedience, herding , tricks, pups, senior dogs, adults ect. Just have a look at least. Let me know what you think.. Thanks :D...
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    Im baackk!!

    Well, most of you probably can't remember me. Nah, jk. Anyway, after a long break for no reason I'm back. The dogs are fine. Spencer's starting agility in Feb and Maddy's starting obedience in Feb too! She's grown a heap. We had our first experience at the dog beach yesterday with Maddy...
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    Sekrit Santa!!

    So, I thought if anyone wanted to do it this year? For those of you who dont know its when you get a name from another user on chaz and be nice to them and near Xmas you send them a prezzie. If you want to do this just say so. Once I get a full list I'll send out names to everyone then you can...
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    How would you...

    groom a GSD specially? It's for shows. Atm for everyday grooms I just use a ordinary two sided brush. I go through all her coat. What products would you use for a dog getting shown? Thanks
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    I've noticed that when my pup has her normal collar on she gets coat marks from it. What do you use to keep your dogs tags on? We dont need a ring for a leash because we have another harness we use to walk her. Just something thin to hold her tag. Thanks
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    Bath time!

    We bathed the dogs yesterday. Spencer was great as usual. Just those pleading eyes, 'stop it mummy, pweese'. Then there was Maddy. She was sooo scared of the water. Her first bath here. She wouldn't let us wash her let alone put a drop off water on her. Next time we're going to put her in a tub...
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    No, its not under the couch

    We let the dogs in the front section of our house yesterday. It was Maddys first time there since we got her. Anyway, she had a great time exploring. Then she found the couch rugs all folded up on top on a table. She didn't know what it was so she started barking at it. Trying to (play)attack...
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    Maddy pics

    6 week old stack 6 week old front view 4 week old with her brother. Who died 11 weeks. Sorry, didn't stack her properly then 11 weeks with her big brother Spencer
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    Where's LEA?

    Lea hasnt been on for ages. Anyone know where she is?
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    Spencers barking ALOT lately. When ever someone walks on the street out the front or when ever he see's someone. Well... Now Maddy's copying him. So i have these two dogs barking every 30 minutes. With Spencers Roof Roof Howwwlll, and Maddy's rururururu ruuuuuu. It sounds cute when she barks...
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    Gallien Jacks...

    Wheres our pup pics? lol. How are they going? Pics, pics and more pics please. Thanks
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    I think i might...

    make a book or video. Not like publish it though. Im only 13 lol. But something to do with clicker training. At the moment im doing it with my GS pup. Either that or something to do with training dogs. I like training and all. And just want to share my little knowledge with a few friends...
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    Help! Need it now

    I'm ordering some show collars and leads for my pup soon. Do i need a slip collar and a loop lead or a show lead and a snake hain show collar? This is the site where im getting them from... What do...
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    We went down to the river before. There was a training class going on. Anyway, so i watched a bit. They were teaching a dog to walk around them. The first try and the dog didnt do it and the trainer yanked it around with the choker. I was so sad. After that we saw another owner with his cocker...
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    Can pups still learn...

    agility at a young age? Not jumping though. Just weave poles and the tunnel? Well, maybe other things as well but nothing that can hurt their bones. Thanks
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    My pups pedigree info

    Have a look.
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    How to show train a dog/pup

    Anyone on Chaz show dogs/pups? I need some help. There are show trining classes around here but are too far away. So I'm training Maddy myself. Im doing stacking with her and starting with the gait. She doesnt like the gait. She either runs ahead or stays behind. Ideas? Also, anyone in Australia...
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    Fisrt day of school :)

    Today was Maddys first day of school. It was a introductory lesson. So not that great. But we looked at sit, walk on lead and attention. Maddy already new sit. She was playing with the other pups as well. Having a ball of a time. There was this little pit who he played with the most. It was...
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    I took these pics last week. In these pics Maddy's 14 weeks old...