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    I hesitate to even post this because I know what will follow it: a long stream of gross invective. But I'm posting because I wanted to be polite to the vast majority of people, lurkers and posters, who have undoubtedly come across my posts over the years. I enjoyed our conversations very much...
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    Stop gushing! (on Petfinder, in particular)

    Reading Petfinder, while diverting, often makes my teeth hurt. The purple prose, baby-talk, shameles bs'ing is overwhelming after a while. Every dog "wonders why he/she can't be part of a family" (do dogs really wonder things?) Every former owner "didn't take the time to train X." Every large...
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    sore toe

    Anyone's dog ever get a swollen first digit on the toe? It's hairless (I suspect she's been licking her foot) and pink and twice the size of the neighboring toe, just above the nail. Doesn't seem to bother her, but she's going to the vet anyway.
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    dog attack
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    Menu Foods recall - political action?

    There is an obvious possibility that this could quickly become another "lo, what hath the Bush administration wrought' stunt by Democrats, but I'm hoping it will be a serious shot at trying to fix the conditions that led to this miserable situation. I hope the Canadian government goes after...
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    Watching a train wreck in slo-mo

    The owners of the dog who attempted to slaughter my dog at my feet a few years ago have got themselves another dog. The vicious one died (supposedly; I wouldn't put it past them to have 'rehomed' the dog to get away from all the trouble it caused) but now they've replaced her. And I'm just...
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    Beagle/Chinese Crested mix The mind boggles.
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    Dogs on stage

    I was absolutely distracted last month by the presence of two borzoi in the PA Ballet's production of Giselle. They were the best-behaved dogs, and I totally missed the dancing for ten minutes thinking "God, my dog would be in the orchestra pit biting someone by now." Anyone else have a 'wow...
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    I get to ride again!!!!

    I'm dying to gloat. My lessons start next week, and I'm so excited. I haven't been on a horse this year (yow, I just realized that) which is the longest break I've taken in the last 3 years. I went to drop the check off last week and I just breathed in horse smell. btw, has anyone taken a...
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    Is she friendly? little ventish

    Although I'm happy when people try to get permission before doing a meet/greet between their dog and mine, I'm getting tired of having to basically say "My dog's aggressive" or "No, she's not friendly" when they ask. I feel like I'm constantly being forced to degrade my dog to keep the peace...
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    I've been babysitting my sister's Yorkie lately, and handling him's like taking Hannibal Lecter for a walk. He got his leash stuck under his leg and I couldn't touch him to untangle it. It's very strange, handling a dog like that. Anyone else have a dog or know a dog who's being maintained...
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    So very cold

    How can I take Hen for a walk on Saturday without a coat and be reduced to weeping by the wind on Tuesday? It's so cold and the wind's so harsh it feels like your heart's racing. Bleh. Anyone else getting the death weather?
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    Horses - what have you learned from falls?

    So, I saw a comment on a horse forum about what you learn when you're sitting in the dirt looking up at your horse. For me, personally (bear in mind I'm a chickenish novice who only lessons, so my falls have been limited): Fall #1 (first fall) I lost a stirrup while trotting very fast away...
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    Texas bill to impose real penalties on owners of vicious dogs

    I find this interesting. Should pet owners go to prison if their dogs injure or kill someone? That's the worst case scenario of a bill that is in the Texas senate. The bill would dole out stiff penalties to Texas pet owners, in the event that pet injures or kills someone. However, some...
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    I watched the hound and the herding groups (Go, Beardie!) and wondered if anyone else watching shared these impressions: 1) Pedigree's commercials with David Duchovny in sad voice-over talking about adopting shelter dogs made me cry every time I saw it (and I'm not a crier, but woooo, those...
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    couples therapy (little vent)

    - I don't want him. It is not neccessary to grab his arm possessively when I pass by, begin talking animatedly about your dinner plans and stroke his face. - I don't want you. Just because I smiled at you and spoke to you briefly while we waited in line at the grocery store, it doesn't mean...
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    Tips for the clueless (no one here, of course, but venting a little)

    1) If my dog is standing on her hind legs and frothing at the mouth, she's not friendly. Even if your dog is. Even if your dog is a lab. 2) Your dog does not need to be on a 30' leash; he will not suffer depression or a wrenched back if he feels the touch of a collar against his neck...
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    Can you really educate a 3-year-old? A B.C. coroner's jury looking into the dog-mauling death of a three-year-old boy in Maple Ridge has recommended better education to prevent similar tragedies in the future...Cody John Anger, 3, was killed by...
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    'alpha' rolls in play

    I was curious how people felt about rolling your dog on her back while playing. Not as a dominance thing, you're not playing king of the pack mind games, just in play. Is it harmless or a bad idea?
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    The problem with Dangerous Dog laws... enforcement. Here, Florida's trying to euthanize a dog who, after being designated dangerous for a series of attacks while loose, escaped once more and attacked another dog. The owner, who apparently is unable to control her dog, is able to hire a lawyer to save the dog from Florida law...