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    Hey I'm new. My names Billie, I have a 9month old puppy named Paisley, a 3year old Guinea pig named CreamCheese, a lizard named Sherlock, and 3 fish, Jip, Gerald, and Beyoncè. This forum already seems a lot friendlier than another forum I was on but ended up leaving because not everyone was...
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    2016 Fitness Goals

    My fitness goal; sit on the coach eating popcorn and watching Netflix:thumbup: (I do fenceing and horse back riding once a week, I got lucky with the horse back riding my cousin owns a horse and she teaches me, if she didn't there's no way in hell we could afford it)
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    Do TB tests hurt?

    (Sorry if this a stupid question I'm only 12) So I'm going to start volunteering at a nursing home with my guineapig (yes, my guineapig) but before I can do so I need to get a TB test. Needles always kind of scare me and I was wondering if TB tests hurt. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being it didn't...
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    Puppy bites only me

    Thanks for the tip, I will defiantly try it. An example of when she get scared and does it; once I was in the backyard with her and my dad was inside by a window and he sneezed. She didn't know we're the noise came from and she when crazy jumping and biting me. She does get scarred very easily...
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    Puppy bites only me

    I have a 9 month old puppy. I have had her for a while and she just recently started biting me and only me. She does it in a playful way and she is normally a very good dog but when she gets exited or scarred she always goes after me. I have tried to train her not to by telling her to sit...