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  1. Elrohwen

    The Hazel Thread

    Hazel has been home for a week and a half and she still doesn't have a thread! Time to fix that. Meet Hazel! Full name Truepenny Bright Side of Life, because Monty Python is awesome. She is Watson's daughter from his first litter, and is one of 9 puppies (go Watson!). So far she is awesome...
  2. Elrohwen

    Selecting a puppy for sports/performance

    Any tips for choosing a pup for sports? I will be around for puppy evaluations when the litter is 7.5 weeks and right before they go home at 8 or 9 weeks. I've seen the basic puppy evaluation tests online, and the breeder already does those, but I'm looking for any advice on what I should focus...
  3. Elrohwen

    Questions About Adding a Puppy to a Single Dog Household

    It's possible that we will get a puppy in late spring, but I'm not sure if it will be enjoyable or horrible. I'd love to hear from anyone who had an only dog and added a puppy. I really enjoyed Watson's puppy months, but I didn't have a needy adult dog at the time either. I have no concerns...
  4. Elrohwen

    How does your dog feel about free shaping?

    Does your dog enjoy free shaping? Or does he/she do better with another type of training? And as an extension, of course, are you good at free shaping? Of course a big part of free shaping success depends on the trainer. Watson and I are not good at free shaping. At all. He has a low...
  5. Elrohwen

    His and her dogs

    A recent thread made me wonder - Do you and your SO have your own dogs? Are all of the dogs yours? Are they shared? If your SO has their own dog(s), does he or she prefer a different type of dog than you?
  6. Elrohwen

    Totally Overstimulated Outside

    Sorry for the length! I wanted to give enough details. I am struggling so much with Watson lately. He has been through a lot of changes since May, including having my husband become primary caretaker while he's home, traveling with me to a new apartment some weeks, and dropping all training...
  7. Elrohwen

    Pembroke Corgi Breeders in the north east

    My mother-in-law owns a pembroke corgi girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer and only has a few months left. I think my husband and I have convinced her not to get a puppy while her older dog is ill, but she seems fairly set on getting another corgi in the somewhat near future. Any breeder...
  8. Elrohwen

    Summer Fun with Watson

    My dad took a few pictures last weekend and I wanted to share. We've been playing with jumps when I'm home on weekends and Watson is having a blast. First, a head shot: Then we went down to the field to practice agility. Crazy dog has to be crazy and clear the area for birds and rabbits...
  9. Elrohwen

    Watson is a champion!

    Watson finished his championship this weekend with 16 points. So proud of him! It was a pretty big show for Welshies, so there were a lot of breeders and friends around to congratulate us, which was fun. His breeder was there too with his sister, and the primary owner of his mother (his mom...
  10. Elrohwen

    Training with Toys

    Pretty much all of Watson's training so far has been with food, but I'd like to use toys more. When he was younger his toy drive wasn't high enough, but with a little work and some maturity, he now goes nuts for certain toys. Can someone recommend good resources for using them in training beyond...
  11. Elrohwen

    Favorite Bait for Confo Shows

    For those who show in conformation, what is your favorite thing to use as bait? Watson is very food motivated and not at all picky, so I'm not concerned about him not liking something. Mostly I've been looking for the most convenient thing for me to handle in the ring and haven't quite found it...
  12. Elrohwen

    Tab leads for obedience

    Does anyone use tab leads for obedience? Any recommendations for type or length? I need to buy one for an obedience seminar in June and I'm not sure what to get. They seem to be anywhere from 8-12". Some have are the traffic handle style and some are just a leash with a knot. Does one work...
  13. Elrohwen

    Do you like where you live?

    Do you like where you're currently living? Do you like your town/city? The general area? Is it the same place you grew up or far away? If you don't like it, where would you rather live?
  14. Elrohwen

    Is your dog smart?

    Just for fun :-) Do you think your dog is smart? Average? What is his particular type of intelligence? Is he great at learning but with poor common sense? Is he really good at reading people's emotions? Is he street smart but not good at learning tricks? I don't think Watson is...
  15. Elrohwen

    Goopy eye?

    The past couple days, one of Watson's eyes as been goopy beyond the normal eye crusties. It's almost a greenish pussy color. His eye looks perfectly fine and he's not bothering it. I can't find any debris in there. The goopiness isn't terrible or anything, and I'm not planning to take him to...
  16. Elrohwen

    Watson Photo Dump

    My dad took a million pictures of Watson over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and here are some of my favorites. Enjoy! Mom said we were going to a dog show before Thanksgiving which meant I had to get a bath. I hate baths. But I love to be clean! Then she groomed me so I would...
  17. Elrohwen

    It'sYerChoice and Impulse Control Help

    I have a question for Chazzers regarding impulse control games. Watson and I practice the standard Doggy Zen and It'sYerChoice type games and he can leave food in my hand, on the floor, wait in his crate when I open the door, wait at the door to go outside, etc. He's really good at these games...
  18. Elrohwen

    Trouble with Recalls

    Watson and I are having a love hate relationship with recalls. Basically, I feel like I did everything "right" to instill a good recall when he was a puppy (and continue to do these things), but he still has a crappy recall when it counts. I'm pretty much at a loss for what to do next. First...
  19. Elrohwen

    Prey drive = toy drive ??

    I'm hoping someone can clear up some things about training with prey drive and toy drive that are confusing to me. Are they basically the same? Different but similar? Different and unrelated? Sometimes I hear about people training in what they call prey drive, but it seems like they're really...
  20. Elrohwen

    High Energy Dogs - Herders vs Sporting

    Lots of people describe certain dogs or breeds as "high energy", but the term doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. What do you consider "high energy"? Specifically, what are the differences between herding breeds and sporting breeds? Both groups are generally considered high energy, but...