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  1. Sada

    New Golden Retriever, seeing eye dog

    I am sorry that I don't find it humorous, but after being made fun of for the last 28 years of my life because of my vision it kind of starts to hurt after awhile.
  2. Sada

    New Golden Retriever, seeing eye dog

    First off I'd like to say he's a pretty dog. But secondly, I don't like the way you presented him. As someone whose vision is 20/100 on a good day, and 20/200 on a not so good day, I take offense to the fact that you don't believe people who are legally blind can identify their own dogs. I...
  3. Sada


    I had posted a thread about Acabion in the cat forum, but I felt that this pic was more appropriate here and it deserved it's own thread.
  4. Sada

    Cocker Agility Brags

    Congratulations Smudge!!
  5. Sada

    Jack Chyna and Dreyfuss got a new house mate

    We got him from my husbands bother. He's just a regular old farm cat that loves people. The dogs have met him but their time together is highly supervised. Here is a better pic of him. Since we've stated the eye ointment he's been opening his eye alot more.
  6. Sada

    Jack Chyna and Dreyfuss got a new house mate

    Meet Acabion!! He had his first visit to the vet today. He is one sick kitten. He's on an antibiotic and eye ointment both for his eye infection. He also was treated for ear mites.
  7. Sada

    Thanks Renee!! I don't really have a camera worth taking pictures with at the moment. Maybe when...

    Thanks Renee!! I don't really have a camera worth taking pictures with at the moment. Maybe when Sizzle comes to visit we can get some good ones.
  8. Sada

    How are your teeth?

    I had braces for 3 years starting when I was in 4th grade. At the same time, I had 8 teeth pulled (4 adult, 4 baby), because my mouth is too small. I had my wisdom teeth cut out because they never came through. No cavities.
  9. Sada

    Upcoming Sibling Reunion...

  10. Sada

    I'm in love..

    She is gorgeous.!!! A blue roan is the color that I had decided to get if I ever get a cocker. They are hard to find but the color is so striking. I hope yo can get her if she is a good match. I
  11. Sada

    I miss my dog.

    I miss her too!
  12. Sada

    Annnnnnd #4

    Yahoo!!! Can't wait until the next show. And the best part is I get to be there,
  13. Sada

    Point #3!!!

    YAY Kaylee!!!
  14. Sada

    She did it!

    Sure we can do Albert Lea. Haven't heard anything on St.Peter. Are you wanting to go? If so contact Jack's breeder that way she can let you know if we are going. It would be alot of fun if you could go too.
  15. Sada

    She did it AGAIN!!!

    No Problem. Your always welcome to stay if you need to.
  16. Sada

    She did it!

    Kaylee is soo pretty! She was a joy to get to know this weekend. Congrats!!
  17. Sada

    She did it AGAIN!!!

    This weekend was soooo much fun. Thanks for letting me go with you to see Kaylee's debut in the ring.
  18. Sada


    Fun Matches? Where?
  19. Sada

    Baby Serenity

    *Squeals* OMG!!! She is gorgeous!
  20. Sada


    OH MY GOD!!! She is gorgeous!! If your breeder doesn't let you keep her, even though I am sure she will, tell her I'll take her.;):D Wow!! More pics please!