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    Not quite a rant because I thought it was kinda funny .. but still!

    So this morning I was outside digging out the drive (it was supposed to be one inch and turned out to be five, ungh) when the neighbor's Border Collie, Bandit, comes over to hang out with me and bark at my shovel. Bandit is a regular visitor to our yard because he likes to infuriate Binkie...
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    Animal Behavior Blog

    I recently began writing a blog about animal behavior - taking unusual behavioral stories I read about in the scientific literature and delivering them in a humorous format accessible to anyone who enjoys learning about the secret lives of animals. The Birds and the Bees The topics are...
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    Hello! Looking forward to participating in the discussions here!

    Hi Everyone, I am a researcher studying animal behavior for the last twenty years - so I have a natural interest in animals in general. But I have also owned dogs for the last 30 years, with breeds ranging from Shih-tzus (at present two of them), Jack Russell Terrier, West Highland White...