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  1. Absolute Peril

    Well, look what I found today.

    I was taking one of my, thankfully non dog aggressive APBT, for a walk today and some kids were crowded around something , they were poking it with sticks and throwing rocks at it. It was a dog. I told em to stop and that it was my dog. They said "No it isn't". I said "Oh yeah, well if you...
  2. Absolute Peril

    Pictures of Charliee *PIC HEAVY*

    Here are some pictures of my newest addition Charliee. She is 8 months, about 43lbs and more then a handful. eight months seven months Six months Four months 11 weeks
  3. Absolute Peril

    Rescue -- Just Not Into It?

    MOD EDIT: This is a split off from a derailing of the "How Many Have Rescued" thread. Absolute Peril did not form a new thread to state "I'm not into rescue". Thanks :) I'm not really into the whole rescue thing.