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  1. Sada


    I had posted a thread about Acabion in the cat forum, but I felt that this pic was more appropriate here and it deserved it's own thread.
  2. Sada

    Jack Chyna and Dreyfuss got a new house mate

    Meet Acabion!! He had his first visit to the vet today. He is one sick kitten. He's on an antibiotic and eye ointment both for his eye infection. He also was treated for ear mites.
  3. Sada

    The dry vs. wet food debate

    Does anyone have a link where it is proven that there are no extra health benefits over feeding one or the other? My BIL thinks that there are extra health benefits feeding dry rather then wet. Especially when it come to teeth. I feed dry because I like the convenience of it, not because...
  4. Sada

    Financial Statements

    I am going through my filing cabinet, which really needs it. :D I was wondering, Does any one know how long your supposed to keep things? I did and internet search and got a bunch of answers. Ex. From 1 month to 3 months to forever just for bank statements. What do you all do for all types...
  5. Sada


    Dreyfuss, Chyna and Jack finally have their fenced in yard. The fencing company finished putting it in today. The yard isn't very big, but I think that they are really enjoying it. At the moment they are all sound asleep. I wonder if the are exhausted. I plan to fence in the remainder of...
  6. Sada

    Window Sill Cover

    My husband and I just bought our first house. Jack really likes to look at the birds and little furies out the window, but with he windows in our new house he has to jump up and put his feet on the sill in order to look out. Is there anything I can put on the sill to protect it from his...
  7. Sada

    A cute poem!

    I got this off of one of my setter lists and thought you guys would like it.
  8. Sada

    We got a house

    The DH and I have been looking for a house for about 3 months now and we finally found one. We will be closing Oct 24th. Unfortunately I don't have any pics to share because my camera died about a month ago. Now I have to decide what kind of fencing I want to put up. I am planning on...
  9. Sada

    What breed is this?

    I was talking to my mom and grandpa tonight and they mentioned that a family friend has a breed of dog my grandpa called a goshweiler. I have never hear of that breed and there is nothing on either. So I am wondering if any one has any ideas based on the description they gave...
  10. Sada


    The rivers in my town are flooding. One of the rivers is just across the street from my parents house. But fortunately we live on top of a very high bank. It has been an interesting day to say the least. So far everyone I know is ok. Unfortunately though there has been a lot of damage...
  11. Sada

    So proud of Jack!!!...and an update.

    I took Jack out potty, and since he still has his stitches, I had him on a leash. Well some how he managed to back out of his collar. And since i don't have a fenced in yard, he started to take off. I instantly called him. And he only went about 10 to 20 feet and then.... He turned...
  12. Sada

    Jack is officially a memeber of the pancake club.

    At 7:30am this morning Jack was ready to leave the house. Iz happy! Mez a leavin' (Sorry this one is kinda blurry. He wouldn't sit still) Iz wearin' myz Ella's Lead. Iz ready to go!!! Oh big deal. I'm going to go back to bed Why does he get to go? Why can't I? More pics!!
  13. Sada

    Hair Style Help!!!

    I am going to be getting a hair cut, and I NEED something new. I am thinking of going pretty short, but I have NO idea of what to do. Can someone help me? PLEASE!! Here is me in my current haircut. Pretty bland. Any links or pictures would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  14. Sada

    Set the date...

    For Jacks Neuter. It's on May 30th. I took the day off of work so I could take him and pick him up. I am all ready starting to get nervous. If anyone has any suggestions on post op care, i would greatly appreciate them. I know that I am not supposed to let him run around and be crazy...
  15. Sada

    Nail Grinders

    Hi, I currently have a cordless dremel that I do my dogs nails with, but the battery life is really becoming a problem. So if any one has any suggestions on a good brand to use for grinding nails, I could really use some help. I am looking more towards a corded grinder, just because...
  16. Sada

    Puppies Died after eating mushrooms

    I got permission from the author to crosspost. This was posted to one of my setter lists. Let this be a warning to all of us!!
  17. Sada

    As Promised, to those of you who asked....(AKA SIZZLEDOG!!)

    Here is the picture I had taken of Jack at his last show. Keep in mind while I was getting the pic taken I was fighting to keep him in a stack. This is why I look absolutely horrible (it doesn't even look like me) and Jack looks awesome! ENJOY!!!
  18. Sada

    What a weekend!!!

    Well it sure was a big weekend for me, Jack, my husband, Dale, and Chyna and Dreyfuss. Dale, Jack and I went to Jack's last show this weekend. Yesterday, Jack took, what I am starting to call his normal placing at shows, last in his class. His breeder (ESetters10) and I talked with a...
  19. Sada

    Went to the doctor...

    And how I have to go see a specialist. I went for my yearly check up, which usually sends me through the roof because it hurts so bad. This also means that other things hurt as well that I know shouldn't. (Trying not to be too gross and offer TMI, for those who don't want to hear that kind...
  20. Sada

    Might Neuter Jack

    I have begun contemplating Neutering Jack. I have decided that I will give him Until Mid October to finally do something in conformation, and if he doesn't, he's going to get the snip. I have also thought about getting him snipped after his next show, which is in a week. I think the sooner I...