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    Long Overdue Matisse Photoshoot!

    It occurred to me that I hadn't went on a little photo shoot with my own dog Matisse in so long, and after looking through all the picture threads here I felt motivated to take some new photos of my little one! So I took him to a local park and brought my DSLR and some treats. Luckily he...
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    Dog Show - Aussies, Akitas, Huskies and some!

    Long time since I last posted! How is everyone? I attended a local dog recently and since you guys love some dog pictures I thought I'd share them with you. I absolutely loved the Australian Shepherds, particularly the blue merle guy Chile! My favourite dog of the day...
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    Cue the *awww* ..lot's of puppies!

    Hey guys, It's been forever since I've last posted here, but I've been looking through the picture threads recently & loving the new members' dogs! Anyways, I met 7 little Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies tonight and I just had to share these pictures with you! They're only 5 weeks old...
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    xmas shopping for ze dog...

    I'm going Xmas shopping (on the internet offcourse!) for Matisse... Do you have any good ideas for presents or links to cool doggeh stuff websites? And i need to know... where do you get your awesome collars from??? I'd love a nice, wide, bright coloured, bit of pattern fabric collar for...
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    ID this dutch breed

    I met this gorgeous doggy while i was in Holland but although i asked the guy what breed it was i couldn't really make him out (strong accent! lol) I asked if it was a small munsterlander or something and he says the munsterlanders are german, and that his dog was the dutch equivalent.. or...
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    Bittersweet.. Aggression Troubles

    As you may remember, Matisse got his bronze obedience award last year when he was 10 months old, as we go to a weekly Good Citizen Dog Obedience classes. Anyways on a good note! He did his silver and Gold tests in June there and passed, i was very very proud of him! However, he almost failed...
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    Doggeh Show :]

    I took these at a local dog show a few weeks ago, hope you enjoy all the doggie goodness! (sorry for the untidy layout, but there's loads!!) Father & Daughter Keeshonds!
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    Not Just Canines!

    A random assortment of furry people i photographed this week. Meet Freddie. Okay, dog forum. kitten... But seriously. he is sooo cute! Plus his new roomie is here too, Harvey the border collie cross. Here's Harvey. But back to freddie! And here's a little...
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    There's Matisse, Poppy, Mya, Harvey, Ozzy...A LOT ot cuties!

    Yup, a whole lotta doggy goodness! I've been bringing my camera with me everywhere, so when i meet some pups i can capture them! Also i know i've went overboard with the processing.. but bear with me...! I'll start with Matisse, some wee randoms just. Elloes!! forest dweller...
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    MirrorBloggin' ...everyone does it! Post Yours!

    I don't know why... but when there's a camera in hand... and a reflective surface... it always happens! and it always seems to be those ones where you cover half your face with your camera! Haha, well just for fun. Here's my latest one! I wanna see yours!
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    Matisse & His Crew... A whole mix of canine goodness!

    A couple different sets here... First the crappy snapshots i took on Saturday when i drove (i passed my driving test last week, woo!) Matisse up to his cousins’ house- Harvey & Molly. Their owner (my aunt) was also minding 2 other dogs. The crew. Matisse offcourse...
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    Matisse is Two!!

    As of yesterday.... Here’s some silly pictures from yesterday! Oh and t’was also a public holiday here in Northeren Ireland yesterday too, so he sported his union jack bandana! Enjoying his new toy
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    Matisse Enjoys the Global Warming

    Seriously, we’re not used to the sun being so familiar in Northern Ireland! Anyways, here’s some very recent Tisse pics! Start you off with a little diptych. Oh and a Cleo update, she’s good, no matter how petrified she looks here lol. A cute accident...
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    Dude, Where's My Dog?

    This certainly ain't him! Right? Aha, he got clipped recently... a puppycut! It's hard to believe just a few weeks ago he was a hairy monster! like this... And now! BTW- if you have any crit for my (more serious, not just quick snaps) pics, i'd love to hear it, i'm...
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    guys, i forgot to show you!

    My Birthday Cake! It's Me, my new laptop and offcourse, Matisse!! :) okay so now it looks like i'm computer geek...I'm not i swear! haha, the laptop was my bday gift... but i got it a few weeks before my birthday, so it was just a reminder of what it was for! My sister had no...
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    Ze StickMunster... Okay just Matisse at the park!

    Matisse goes to the park (for the zillionth time) :) Some pictures from today just! Not many, but since i don't here very often anymore (bad habit!) thought i'd share. Hope you like. i catches ball... and sometimes i brings it backs... I find stick :]...
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    Matisse&Cleo ❤ Chaz!

    Thought a Matisse & Cleo update was needed, since it's been ages since my last picture post! Oh and any C&C on ze pics or editing on them is always good :] HAI CHAZ! In Erin Vey style... Hmmm... they aren't as cute close up! dirty paw'd pup! He tried to eat the...
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    Before Nolu Rats Me Out...

    I have a confession... I posted a few new Matisse pics on flickr, before letting you chazzers get first peek... I know, I'm a terrible person! Forgive me..? :( :p Well there's only 3, and they're not quite chewbecca/toller08/all-you-other-amazin-chaz-toggers standards, but sure...
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    Happi Crimbo Ses Matisse

    Spreading some holiday joy! (and posing pain! notice the annoyed facial expression...) {Speshlies fo Noludoru, MyHorseMyRules & ihartgonzo!} well helloes chazzers, merry christmas! frosty is scareens me...
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    A Bit of Cleo... The One That *Meows*

    Since you haven't seen much of her lately! A few random shots I took last month... She's been a bit picture-neglected recently... Up.. a bit too close (ew... fish breath..) HappyCat I can comes in? Cleo's new bebo pic