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  1. smkie

    Yesterday was Victor's found day

    I should have posted this here as well as Facebook. IT is with profound Gratitude that i post it here. THank you Karl, for your having this forum, made Victor's journey possible, your forum, gave me the connections to give him exactly what he needed... so this is what i wrote yesterday. Today...
  2. smkie

    Victor and Pepper still got it, even in their old age

    Happy Halloween season from the dynamic geriatric duo.
  3. smkie

    Old dogs

    Lets be old together i tell him. THat's a good idea he tells me. And this is how we are. Comfortable in our love for each other and understanding the changes that age has made. My fatigue, his blindness, and old man bladder, he has to go out about twice as often. Sometimes he gets scared, and...
  4. smkie

    Mama's Home

    Kind of a tester piece, if i like it, i will try again bigger.
  5. smkie

    Victor Pepper me and the bull frog

    Morning adventure and what i, pepper and Victor learned. I found this guy in the parking lot in front of a tavern this morning. How in the world since there is no close body of water. Almost exactly where i found the desperate box turtle when they had resurfaced the parking lot last year. Here...
  6. smkie

    SAncho is so sweet, Ressie is so not video

    and sometimes the back ground music can say it all. SAncho loves him anyway, always has and always will. That's his baby. He is a most forgiving old man too sweet. I am so glad we kept Ressie, and not just because he is beautiful, and funny, but I never knew Sancho was lonesome, and he is...
  7. smkie

    He may be old, and he may be blind

    but he is still the ambassador or good will, good behavior,and happiness for all people. little big, young and old. He walked so slow and so carefu, and the little people told him to step and walked him around things so he wouldn't stumble.l. I love him so much. He has memorized his...
  8. smkie

    Pepper pot peppertini Dr pepper chili pepper bell pepper

    in all her Pepperness that is all for now..unless someone wants more Pepperness..just because she is worth celebrating. Such a good girl.
  9. smkie

    Ceasr Milon came up in topic today during a group discussion

    ANd I tried to explain why I don't believe in his methods but am at a loss for back up links to prove the point. So I thought I would start this thread to see If I can gather up information from the best sources I know, which is you all. If you have something to put in the pot for me to take...
  10. smkie

    Not another pig

    ALmost life size still wet Will clean up markings after the first firing.
  11. smkie

    truck repair question

    can an alternator drain a battery? A brand new battery? If the alternator was going bad would gauges work, not work, work not work,? Put in a new battery and everything was great for most of the day, trip to the city and back but second trip out was a continual blinking on and off and finally...
  12. smkie

    Ressie soaks up his solar energy

    fully charged now to knead the dog and hear him grumble.
  13. smkie

    Victor's Birthday

    THis is my blind baby boy. He wasn't always blind, he had a decade of running like the wind was silk against his skin. A decade of friends, and woods, and adventure. Now he is my blind baby boy old man. His days are a short quick walk, because that is as much as I can give him, and a yummy at...
  14. smkie

    SCOttie dog collectors

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this and know anything about it?
  15. smkie

    Pepper and her secret Santa gift

    SHe received oh so many years ago from a very nice Chazhounder. She says it is still her most favorite of all. I think that was her first Christmas with us. I have no idea how many years ago.
  16. smkie

    Winter is officially here

    Ressie went poof.
  17. smkie

    "Just Grab him" she says

    Yesterday my dogs let me know a strange dog was in the yard. I look out and see a full grown male intact black dog of mixed terrier descent, about 80 lbs and looks to be around middle age. THe dog comes to my porch but shoots back in the woods at any movement on my part in or out of the door...
  18. smkie

    Taste the rainbow