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    Need your prayers,once again

    They are going to do emergency surgery on Titus. Apparently the blood squirting from his testicle is from a puncture wound?
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    You were the love of my life, my heart and soul. There will never be another dog or person to take your place in my heart. You went so quickly, I will never understand why. I loved you so much, and always will. You were such a wonderful, wondeful, dog, friend, protector. I will always miss...
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    Titus is 2 today

    It is hard to believe my little baby boy is 2 today. Happy Birthday Titus! I love you very much. :)
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    Another reason for men to close the toilet lid

    and, one more reason to hold it until you get home. Shivers...I gagged while reading this. Heck, I may learn to pee on the side of the road instead of using a public restroom now.
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    Strange neeew toy Just not sure how I feel about this. But, if it teaches to pick up poop after their dog, it maybe a worthwhile game. :rofl1:
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    Ewww what's that smell?

    I'm not sure where to post this at, so I guess I will do it here. I think most of you know Havoc is my firstborn grandmonster. Todd, Havoc and Rival are staying with us for a few months so Todd can get enough money for a downpayment on a house for the monsters. Recently, Havoc stinks! Todd...
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    That would be...personal protection pig. :D Apparently the Filas have been teaching Miss Penelope how to protect the family. Keith had a guy over from work and Miss Penelope did not like him. She kept charging him, trying to bite him, charging and biting. I had to keep the monsters in the house...
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    Isn't he handsome?

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    Remarks about my large breed dog (rant)

    are starting to annoy me. So, I'm going respond to some of the stupid remarks I constantly hear. Why do people feel the need to make these remarks? Oh gawd, your dog is huge!...OMG is he really? He was a teacup poodle 5 minutes ago. Duh! do you think I don't already know my dog is huge...
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    Missing Blackberries

    The monsters are eating all of my blackberries. They have been grazing along the fence line for the past week. It finally hit me this morning what they were eating, MY blackberries. I took Titus with me this morning and I did pick a few, he ate more than I mangaed to pick :rolleyes:. He...
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    Happy Birthday AGonzalez

    Ashley, I hope you have a great day.
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    Cleo my pretty girl

    We had Cleo pts this morning after a few issues that we couldn't seem to resolve. It was a hard and painful decision. She brought a lot of love and joy to us in the past year and a half. I loved her beauty, grace and charm. She had a great personality and sense of humor. She was a dog that...
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    Rip Sunglasses

    You were loved and adored, and looked so good on my face. :cry::cry: Titus ate my prescription sunglasses this morning.:( Thank you very much Titus. That's only $350.00, no big deal. As long as he had fun, that is what is important. :rolleyes: We may have to down grade to cheap old roy dog...
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    For the last two or three months Cleo and I have shared a banana addiction, Titus seems to be aquiring a taste for them also. So,are bananas ok for dogs? I was wondering if there is a limit as to how many a dog should have? Cleo would eat an entire banana cluster if I would let her. She...
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    Titus! you dirty dog.

    I let Brutus and Titus out the front door for their usual morning potty break. However, this morning was different, when I opened the front door to let them in, I was met with this on my entrance way floor. Needless to say I pushed one muddy dog back out the door. Titus was covered in mud...
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    New low, in low

    It appears I am raising a family of thieves. As some of you will recall, Brutus was into hijacking vehicles...stealing McKinley's jeep and driving it down our driveway was his specialty. He also ran off with a large bag of tootsie rolls and demolished them. Cleo, took numerous apples from...
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    5 Months

    Titus turned 5 months old on Saturday. I took a few pictures. I'm such a happy puppy. Warming up after his bath. Mischevious thoughts Pretty boy Giving Cleo the Fila eye You smell like bacon. the end
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    It's here!

    The oil has been brought into Galveston. They found tar balls from the oil washed ashore. One newspaper said it could have been brought in by a ship, but they are keeping a look out for the possibility of more. It really makes me ill to think of all the life that is being lost from this. I...
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    Hahaha A big rain drop touched Titus

    Silly boy, He was jumping, turning circles and snapping at the air. I thought a fly or wasp was bothering him, but there were no bugs around him. I realized he was attacking the large rain drops that were falling on him. It was one of the rainfalls that suddenly appears with very big drops, and...
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    The most handsome puppy award goes to...

    My rotten rotten Fila :D But he is so darned cute! If I look innocent will you give me a cookie? Looking very grown up Just because he is so cute Airing out his ears?