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  1. LauraLeigh

    Been a while

    been a very long time, at some point I will try and update everybody but here's the short version. As some of you know I was divorced, and I move to Nova Scotia which is my home. In the time I've been home I have found my true love and I am remarried. On the other hand, I had some rough times...
  2. LauraLeigh

    Nova Scotia

    I'm here! It's been very busy however I managed to get my cards off and am somewhat settled in! This is Duke, Dads very spoiled rabbit hound wanting to go for a walk This is Bella, Moms totally adorable buddy, she's a happy little girl! Duke and Opal, he loves her.... She sadly doesn't...
  3. LauraLeigh

    Opal showing us how to Exercise
  4. LauraLeigh

    You should "NEVER" date

    Was bored as all get out last night, and got browsing Facebook, came across this link to 13 guys you should never date… I thought this should be good for entertainment, the number two guy you should never date.... Is the guy who's got custody of the little dog he adopted with his ex...
  5. LauraLeigh

    Anxiety sucks! Can't sleep at all.... Grrr

    So much is going on right now, I can't seem to shut my brain down!!! In 2 weeks I'm officially unemployed... I've been preparing for a while as I knew this was likely coming... I should be okay for approximately two months without even a drop of income, but... I'm freaked out, I've been on my...
  6. LauraLeigh


    Well tonight I tried to get Crosby to wear booties, EPIC FAIL I should've video'd it... If looks could kill!!! He sat on his butt and refused to move an inch..... At vets tomorrow I'm going to see what I can offer for treats and try and get him used to them, living in town road salt is a fact...
  7. LauraLeigh

    Crosby is sick :-(

    So I've been having problems with Crosby randomly throwing up since I've owned him, my first attempt was to check the house to the extreme, make sure there was nothing he was possibly getting into, it was all good. Vet visit one came after he projectile vomited all over me at 3 am, and then in...
  8. LauraLeigh

    Breed Guess?

    This is a friends rescue, he's a seriously cool, extremely laid back dog of totally unknown heritage
  9. LauraLeigh

    If they're cold? BRING THEM IN

    Not making fun of animals left in the cold, it's NOT funny... But... This made me lol
  10. LauraLeigh

    Not even sure what to label these?

    Good god... LOL
  11. LauraLeigh

    So..... What do you think of Off Grid?

    I'm seriously thinking about buying a chunk of land down home, it has a good sized barn in great shape, a garage, well and septic, fruit trees and mature trees, good pastures, about 15 acres and is very close to family, and Dads tree lot... The original home burned last year, so there is no...
  12. LauraLeigh

    Last day of work Dec 5th YIKES

    I'm both terrified of the future and relived to have the what ifs of my job situation over... I've been there over 8 years and have some great co-workers, I'll miss them dearly! For all of those years I was making a good wage, and was comfortable even after my divorce and able to survive...
  13. LauraLeigh

    Has Chaz slowed down in posts? Or is it me?

    I'm back after a long hiatus and it just seems the forum is not as "busy" as it used to be? Is that just me? It's only been a couple days, it just seems much quieter than I remembered
  14. LauraLeigh

    Crosby, the goofiest JRT I've ever owned

    I thought since I have come back, I should share some pictures. This dog, well he may not be classed as a therapy dog but he's been my best therapy yet... Snuggled in while I watch Walking Dead! His favourite place to chill.... In case any squirrels decide to climb the tree... He...
  15. LauraLeigh

    Been a long time....

    I am not sure what to say, I have avoided "Living" much this past year, I kept up appearances on Facebook but it has been a rough year, sadly divorce has become so common place that often many have no idea just how devastating it is, the loss of not only your spouse but long term friendships can...
  16. LauraLeigh

    Gizmo all prettied up! Loving my pound pup!!

    A co workers daughter is learning to groom, and wanted "practice" Giz's coat is pretty easy but he had a few Mats, esp behind his ears, she brushed, washed and trimmed him, did his nails and cleaned up his matts, should be easy for me now to keep on top of him. He was a champ considering he's a...
  17. LauraLeigh

    Meet Gizmo

    As many of you know I've been through a separation and then returned Chick to her breeder as I work long days and it was too much for a puppy, combined with her being on a breeder contract and I don't see myself having the time to properly care for a pregnant/ new puppy situation with my change...
  18. LauraLeigh

    Punky posted for Lynn

  19. LauraLeigh

    Not been around a lot... Having a tough time :-(

    So I thought I just pop in and say hi, I know I've not been around a lot.... Returning Chick to her breeder was one of the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, being dogless is probably the next hardest.... It's so tough, divorce has become such a commonplace thing that people just don't...
  20. LauraLeigh

    Toughest decision of my life

    I'm returning Chick to her breeder on Sunday, thank God Lynn is able to go with me because I'm likely to be a mess... Since the separation, and buying my own house, I've realized how cruel it is to her to be stuck here for 10 sometimes 11 hours while I'm at work, if she was an older adult dog...