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    My beautiful Luna

    Can anybody tell me if she looks like she might have a belgian shepherd in her lines?It's just that it seems to me that she has the same face expression This is my favorite picture :)
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    Nature's beauty still amazes us :)

    Wow,check this out,I haven't seen anything like that,it's really amazing.How beautiful something so ordinary can be,except you can't see it with human eye
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    Still a dane lover :)

    Hello everybody...I'm old and new at the same time,if that makes a sense to you :D I used to be on this forum a long time ago,I used to have an harlequin great dane,Amira (probably some of you may remember me..or not).But since she died (12th of may 2006) I just stopped logging on was...
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    Searchin for some advice. Thanks!, we all know that males have to pee more often then females (I'm talking about dogs :D)...But...since we don't have the whole time in the world to take Oscar outside 10 times a day (I know..I'm exagerating), is there anyway I could teach him to hold himself? We take him outside 5...
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    Update on Oscar, the great dane :) (with pics)

    He's recovering so well. He is more stable on his feet and his elbow swelling is recovering so's smaller. But we still can't figure out how to socialize him more...he's still afraid of people..everytime someone is passing near us..he starts growling and barking...and he wants to go...
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    what do you think?

    I want to show you my "work of arts" and I want to know what do you think. Here they are: Before After Before (this is a poodle/cocker mix) After (you can really see here his cocker face)
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    can you believe it...?

    We were contacted a few days ago (saturday) by a friend who is a great dane breeder...We got Amira from her and we stayed in touch..So she contacted us and asked us if we can help her with a great dane puppy.. So, what's the story, right? The pup comes from a litter of very beautiful show...
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    A dear friend...

    Hey...some of you may not know me and some of you may not remember me...I just wanted to post a movie with my beloved great dane, Amira. Hope you like it...whenever I watch it I burst into tears. I still miss her..although it passed more than 1 year since she died... I'm so sorry I didn't log...
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    good thoughts from anyone

    I know it's not so important...but Pepa is being spayed tomorrow and I wanted to tell you guys so that you'll send positive thoughts that the surgery will go ok.Thanks. I'm not worried.She'll be spayed by her actual owner (the schnauzer breeder) and she's good at it.But a good thought never hurt...
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    woffy birthday to youuu woofy birthday to youu, woofy birthday dear BasettLover, WOOFY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOOOOOOOOOHUUUUUUUUUU! And many many many beautiful presents!:D Kiss Kiss Nicco
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    health question about a cat

    I have a friend.She has a cat.And he's been sick for 3 days now.She's taken him to the vet and the vet told her that he swallowed fur balls.He is not eating and if he does eat something he throws up immediately.I told her to take him to the vet again (tonight) and give him some glucose...What...
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    wow,mom just found a stick that Amira brought home one day.It's very big and very chewed.You can see the traces of her fangs..Awww, I'm gonna keep this stick. I'll take it to my room LOL Kiss kiss Nicco
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    what about schnauzers?

    I think I didn't hear anything from you about this breed...What do you think about it?Especially the mini schnauzer? I personally think that they are great dogs, easy to train, very lovable and great watching dogs (giant schnauzers).
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    It's time for a new canine in the house...

    Hi there,I thought I might tell you about Pepa, a 5 year old miniature salt and pepper schnauzer.She is so sweet and she's gonna be my canine friend for the next years :) I don't know...I'm happy and very excited and I can't wait!I'll get her on the 15th of this month.She is one of my boss's...
  15. N's been a while...

    Lots of you don't know me and some of you will remember me... I'm sorry I didn't have the courage to face you after Amira passed away..but it was very hard for me.It's been 6 months and it's still hard for me to talk about her.I loved her so much!I'm lucky I had my 2 cats around because I...
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    Hey guys!It's Amira's birthday :)

    My babygirl just turned 10 today :D and you guys...I think I've decided to study vet school. kiss kiss nicco
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    A question about siggy pics.Help!

    Anyone here know how you can alternate 2 images?I think the extension should be gif.But I don't know how to do that..For example I want those 2 images to appear one instead of the other,like after a couple of seconds. Thanks Kiss Kiss nicco
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    Recent pics with my gorgeous pets :D

    Here's Amira Amira again :D Amira sleeping (ain't she sweet?I love this pic)
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    Haven't been on in a while also....:(

    :(...but I'm always thinking of you guys. Here's a pic with me and Amira to remind you of everytime I log in (now and then) I see that there are new subscribers...and I can only be glad...Hope nothing much has changed. kiss kiss nicco here is me and amira saying HI to you! :D
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    Hey guys!

    ...long time no spoken :D Well, you know busy ol' me... I hope you all are well and missed me a little bit.Cuz I sure missed you.A LOT!!! What do you think about my signature pics?I made them. Well kiss kiss and hope to talk to yous soon. Nicco