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    what do all of you feed?

    I'm currently feeding Orijen for one, and a new food I picked up this weekend called Summit for the other one, as his stomache is no longer cooperating with the high protein/fat Orijen.
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    Wisdom teeth surgery

    That must've been one powerful dosage, lol. I had a consultation with an oral surgeon and I think what he told me implied that only specific practises have both choices available (usually just anaesthetic). I only assumed after the sedation you'd be woozy, but I guess you'd been knocked out...
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    Wisdom teeth surgery

    Oohh. ouch! I feel nervous for you! lol. I will be taking mine out pretty soon too, and I don't know if I should actually get sedated for it, or just go with the standard anaesthetic to the gum. How are you doing it?
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    Party Ideas?

    Any party of mine consists of eating :) If it's warm enough, having a bbq would be awesome; and it's a great social event. Otherwise.. maybe a dinner out, movie, or snowboarding if you a local mountain with enough snow!
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    canned food only diet?

    Is it okay to mix food brands of dry and canned? I.E. feeding Canidae kibbles, and adding Solid Gold canned to it ?
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    What Are You Currently Listening To?

    audioslave - shadows on the sun
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    $300 for...

    Just picked him up. The receipt's like this. $20 for consultation/examination. $36 for 2 injections (?) $22.50 for sedation $45 for isoflurane inhalation $45 for local anesthesia $105 for surgical fee + equipment $29 for the antibiotic (amoxi-clav). and $15 fee for bandaid changing...
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    $300 for...

    Well he showed me the cut, and it was quite bad. It required stitches to close it up, and there was smaller scratches around his paw and an infected area. Why he needs surgery I'm not sure. I just remember him saying he was going to 'shave it off'.
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    $300 for...

    a vet visit today I brought Eikon in because recently he's been really going at his paw; licking and chewing his right hind paw. Found out he had some cut there, and an infected area on his paw too. So the vet said he'd need to sedate him and gas him for surgery. He said he was going to shave...
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    Raw feeding FAQ

    Thought I might just add some tidbits (basic stuff maybe) to this that I didn't see up there. - Raw meal should consist of about 75% meat (10% or so organs) and 25% vegetables (carb source). - a general guideline to feeding portions is for every 10lbs your dog is, he would eat 100grams. and...
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    Your first..

    For me, I wouldn't say I had a first boyfriend yet. I mean the guy asked me out on the internet and not real life, lol. My friend also pressured me into the thing, I guess I broke and couldn't stand her nagging anymore. First date, err, don't know.. group outting we had? And first kiss...
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    Your first..

    I hope so for the boyfriend/girlfriend eh! Yeah, all the questions are meant for outside famillllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
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    Your first..

    Heh, I'm stuck home alone again, and almost bored out of my wits. If it wasn't for my music, I think I would've jumped out of my window by now lol. When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Did you ever regret it? When did you have your first kiss? First date? :)
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    Your Personality

    I'd say this is just like me to the very last letter! except the broken heart, because I've never had that. I love and enjoy listening to my music, so I can just be at home all day and listen. I don't trust people I don't know very, very well too. All in all.. I'd say I only have a select few...
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    Does Gem look like a Lab/Husky?

    The colouring and markings don't look anything like a lab or husky's to me. Yeah, I agree it does look like a GSD mix. Just out of curiousity, does her tail go in the sickle shape?
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    Is it just me...

    frozen jackfruit.. although I that that may be common. I also like rice with salt,eheh. And most fruits with salt for that matter.
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    Your Personality

    sensitive, reserved (to people I don't know all that well), outgoing-fun-unpredictable-loony (all to those I do know), kind, generous, kind of short tempered; but I keep it in me, ehh don't know what else.
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    Hercules at the training school

    That's great. Are you allowed to visit him during training, or when it's a day off for him?
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    I'm having a mild craving for them right now.. I haven't had one in like.. really long years! I should stop by some place and grab some marshmellows before work =)
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    Talk About Akward

    OOOOH :o , heheh that's embarrasing.