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    $300 for...

    a vet visit today I brought Eikon in because recently he's been really going at his paw; licking and chewing his right hind paw. Found out he had some cut there, and an infected area on his paw too. So the vet said he'd need to sedate him and gas him for surgery. He said he was going to shave...
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    Your first..

    Heh, I'm stuck home alone again, and almost bored out of my wits. If it wasn't for my music, I think I would've jumped out of my window by now lol. When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Did you ever regret it? When did you have your first kiss? First date? :)
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    Don't think anybody knows, but I've been working at a movie theatre the last 3-4 months and it kind of sucks. I come home smelling like popcorn and butter and margarine, lol. Get cuts and burns at the place, and we can't even sit down :( . Ehehe.. I know I'm complaining about something so...
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    nutty puppy

    My dad had a party today, and there are still some people here, its about 1am, right now and way past my puppy's bedtime. Yet he was having a good time downstairs and now that he's in my room (his sleep place) he's doing everything possible to annoy me and let him out. He has jumped on my bed...
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    anyone own american mastiff's?

    My cousin owns a 200lb american mastiff, so I assume he's over a year old. I've been wanting my pup to have more play pals, he has one so far, our 100lb+ GSD he visits regularly. To those who own am. mastiff's, how are they with other dogs? My cousin's is extremely nice. The first time I met...
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    broken teeth

    :eek: ! I was playing basketball with my pup outside when the ball bounced and hit him under his jaw. I didn't think it hurt him much, but I noticed him licking his mouth a lot so I took a closer look and he was bleeding. I checked his mouth and one of his baby teeth was knocked out. Do you...
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    It's official!

    We're getting another GSD! This is awesome :D ! My dad had initially wanted a Chow Chow, but I convinced him otherwise! That Chow Chow's are generally an independant dog and won't respond well to training, that he'd have to spend a great amount of time grooming the dog and so on. So after...
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    bubble tea aka boba

    Who here drinks the stuff? I think I'm a bbt addict. I have at least 3-4 bbt's a week, and where I work we get it for $2, which doesn't help with my addictiveness to this drink! **** those chewy tapioca pearls ! :p What's your favourite flavour? Mine are probably strawberry and coffee.
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    stupid greedy guys..

    While I was staying at my mom's house for a few days, something happened at home. My dad told my mom who told me that these 2 men came to our door and demanded money from my dad because they 'knew' that the house was used as a grow-op, or else they'd call the police. Which we aren't doing. My...
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    What kind of yogurt can dogs eat? I just bought a pack of low fat, fruity yogurts. Can my pup eat that ?
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    I think my dog might be having a hard time doing #2. Since I changed him to Canidae, his feces are considerably smaller and when he goes to do his business, he'd be in the crouching position to go, but he wouldn't/can't go. Know what I mean? I just watched him go an hour ago and the first 2...
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    the joy of summer..

    sun, sun, sun.. no school! And then, of course.. during summer there are hoardes of mosquitoes! Yes, this thread is to rant on mosquitoes! Because I hate them. I've got about 6 bites on my left arm, 4 on my right, and 2 on my leg! The only good thing I can say about mosquitoe bites are that...
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    what's your..

    favourite animal movie? Like a movie where an animal is the lead star, or support for the lead. Mine would be .. the two Homeward bound movies.. and Babe on the third. Hehe, childhood movies.
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    Mordy; food question

    I've heard you can determine, or roughly calculate how much food a dog should be getting? If you can.. can you help me calculate how much food I should be giving my dog daily? He's roughly 35lb'ish and 4 months old. I'd say he gets a pretty decent excercise on some days, and not much...
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    bored? passing time? come!

    1) which leg do you put your pants on first? 2) how do you put on your top? (head first, arm (left/right)) 3) which feet do you put your socks on first? 4) which feet do you put your shoes onfirst? 5) whats the first thing you do when you get home from wherever? 6) what's the first...
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    teaching freeze

    How can I teach my puppy to know the "freeze" command. Where he stays absolutely still in sit command, and/or while standing? He always sits when we do our training, so it's really hard to get him to stand.
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    ohhhhh-tay.. So I went to walk my puppy today at night.. stubbed my toe (OW!), puppy started pulling real heard, leash slipped, and I had to try and catch him.. and unfortunately he acts as if its a game, me catching him. Doesn't come when called, and there were CARS going by, which seriously...
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    odd behaviour..;worried

    I just took my 4month pup out for a short walk for no more than 5minutes when he just layed down and started whimpering a bit. I think he swallowed something earlier too.. I came to check what it was but he was already walking away. I was really worried when he started whimpering. I checked...
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    *sigh* I can hear the fireworks from my house. China is suppose to be shooting today, and everyone was anticipating China to be the best. I was suppose to go, until my workplace called me in to go to work, which actually was a mistake on their behalf. They didn't need me, but kept me anyways...
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    not eating new food?

    OK, so I bought my pup the Canidae all life stages food and mixed it into his previous food, Nutro natural choice lamb & rice. The first day I mixed his food in with his old, he'd try and pick out the Canidae kibble and leave back the Nutro. Same thing goes for the next day when I went 50% of...