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    Bark Bark Bark

    You Should Do Something About It Yeah, you should talk to management about the dogs first. Do that before calling authorities. No one wants to deal with the police and have reports filed on them, so you want to give them a chance to fix what's going on before it gets to that level. I would...
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    He's starting to look like a Rottie!

    Great Pics! What a big ole cutie. He looks like a sweetheart too. I love the second picture and you're right, that dome is enormous.
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    Not new but I AM BACK!

    Welcome back! Welcome back! It sounds like you have a very full/fulfilling life going there for yourself too to be so young. Congratulations!
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    Build Your Store Slowly Over Time Congratulations on your store. The key is marketing your store and sticking with it for at least 2 years. I used to suggest SEO, but in these times, with the changes in Google, you need to hire a professional firm to help guarantee measurable results. You...
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    How My Dog Made Me Laugh During One of “Those Talks”

    :-) It's amazing how much dogs can talk to us in a lifetime and never say one single word.
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    Apple cider vinegar....

    This is interesting. I didn't know this. I love ACV. It's good for so many things. I had no idea that it would be helpful for pets too. I let my dog use pooch pads so she never has to hold her urine, but I really like the idea of helping her steer clear of viruses and bacteria. Thank you!
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    Dogs & Chocolate & How Much is Deadly

    I'm Surprised I Never Heard These Facts Before This article is really helpful. I know there are times when dogs snag candy wrappers or even find some litter on the ground and start chewing it before their owners realize it. This has got to be a welcome relief. I Know one time I was concerned...
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    Crate Training Help

    Yes this should work I love this forum. Great advice Maliraptor. You're really on point with this.
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    potty training?

    I am curious too I'm sad you haven't got a response to this. I'm going to adopt a dog pretty soon and I want him/her to use the pooch pad like my little girl. I adopted her already trained so I don't really know how to do it. I also haven't done any research yet though either, so it might be...
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    Boston terrier having fun

    Boston Terriers are So Precious Boston terriers are so cute and so much fun to play with. I love those bug eyes. I used to love my ex-husband’s family very much and they had this Boston terrier. He used to roll in poop a lot which was funny but gross and challenging for them to clean, but...
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    The Duck Is Dead

    Aww, Hmm, I don't know. That makes me feel bad for getting the punch line. I guess since it's a dog forum, most people don't care about the duck, but the duck really being dead makes me sad. Sorry if I'm being a party pooper.
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    What breed of Dog are you?

    I Wish I Could Do Things Like These These quizzes are very cute and I want to complete them, but I'm worried that clicking “submit†could download spyware on my computer. It sucks when you learn about spyware and stuff, which I have been recently. It's changing the way I look at everything...
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    Anybody Know Some Simple Dog Tricks that Dogs Seem To Like?

    These Tricks are Perfect! CrazyDogLady, that is so cute. He loves it so much he wags his tail and he's supposed to be playing dead. Aww shucks, I can just picture it. Dogs are just so adorable. So, so cute. These are such simple, cute tricks and at the same time, they will make her feel...
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    Flea Market Section?

    I'm For It :-) Yeah. This is a really active forum; I think a flea market would be a great idea. Maybe even a barter and sale section for small pet businesses. I know there are people that make pet clothes and other things by hand. I think it would be great if they could sell their stuff...
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    How My Dog Made Me Laugh During One of “Those Talks”

    How My Dog Made Me Laugh During One of “Those Talks†I just wanted to post this funny story. I thought it might make someone smile. Maybe it won’t, but just in case it does, I wanted to share. I have to get my dog's teeth professionally cleaned soon, but won't have the money for...
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    Is That Dog Soothing Sweater Worth the Money?

    My little dog can get really upset and barks a lot. I don't really care or think it's a bad thing, but others hate it. My only concern is that now that she's getting older, I don't want her to over excite herself over nothing stuff like people walking upstairs or squirrels and birds outside...
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    Is My Spayed Dog Still Experiencing the Desire to Mate?

    My little dog is fixed and she has been for many years. However, when I got her, I was in a relationship with a guy who was against spaying and neutering and I was really young and went along with this. We had two dogs at the time and she would go into heat and the boy would try to mate with...
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    hair extentions for dogs

    I Don't Think this Would Work Well for Decorative Purposes Lol. Oh goodness!.............okay now that I’ve stopped laughing...No, wait not done laughing yet...................okay. I live in DC and actually I can see some of the girls doing that here. Like the ones that wear extensions...
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    Top 8 'People Foods' That Are Toxic To Pets

    Simple Foods Can be So Dangerous It is truly terrifying how many simple foods are dangerous for animals. I had a dog when I was little, but my family was the type that would have had her outside if they could. She couldn’t get on furniture and was always eating dog food. When I grew up and...
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    Dont put your puppy in a cargo hold!!!

    This Post Confirmed What I Always Thought to be True! Wow, thank you so much for this. My little girl is so tiny that she can easily be a ride on, but I mostly drive anyway when I go anywhere, because I cannot bear to ship her and be apart from her because she is so sensitive. I am shocked to...