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    Media Bias

    I'd post the article here, but it's too long:
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    Five yr old bitten in face by Lab Belmont Girl, 5, Recovering From Dog Bite To Face (BCN) BELMONT The Peninsula Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating a report that a 5-year-old Belmont girl was bitten in the face by a dog...
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    Dogs are really not that dangerous (article)

    This has probably already been posted before, but it's worth rereading: "Despite the teeth, dogs are really not that dangerous" an article from Here is the story. Which of the following is more likely to kill you or your child? A bicycle. Marbles. A 5-gallon...
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    Pit bulls eating kids If by "eating" you mean "loving" :D
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    Flea and tick medication

    For anyone here who uses products like Frontline or Advantage, could you please type up the product warnings that come with the box? I'd really like to know what they are. I'd appreciate it! Thanks! :)