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  1. Sush

    Very strange feces/intestinal issue...

    So the fecal came back posisitve for a severe case of coccidia. I'm used to coccidia in puppies but I guess I've never really seen a case in a mature dog and never with that much blood. She's been on a special diet as well as meds for the coccidia and she is rapidly improving. Glass, the...
  2. Sush

    Anal Gland Excretion

    Has he been de-wormed recently? If it's not the glands that would be my second guess at the scooting/backside biting.
  3. Sush

    Have you ever been prejudiced because of your dogs behaviour?

    I think there are very valid reasons why rescues and shelters want to do the "meet and greet" before adoption. The primary concern is finding the right home for the dog being adopted and although there is an adjustment period needed for animals and new siblings, if there is initial...
  4. Sush

    Some Friday Puppy For Ya :)

    This new group came into work yesterday... We were told they are Boxer Mix but who knows. What I do know is that they are rediculously cute. This little whippersnapper is my favorite... Today has reminded me of why I don't want any more puppies of my own. it's raining and...
  5. Sush

    Sheding some Pounds

    Before going raw I would definately do a TON of research because there is so much to know and if not done right it can be somewhat detrimental. I used to feed my dog raw (when I had the freezer space) and it was wonderful but there are other ways to help your dog shed pounds that don't involve...
  6. Sush

    Anal Gland Excretion

    You might even want to learn how to do it yourself if you're not too squeemish. It's pretty easy :)
  7. Sush

    Kennel cough?

    She's right, I work in a shelter and we have dealt with some crazy mutated strains that last forever and don't respond to any antibiotics. The residual cough can last up to weeks and even months after it's been treated and you think it should be done. However, it can turn into pneumonia if the...
  8. Sush

    Very strange feces/intestinal issue...

    Thanks for brainstorming with me you guys :) We actually are a rescue shelter, non-profit and no-kill. We pull dogs from other shelters and have had this little girl for close to a year now. I guess I shouldn't say the vets do as little as possible, it's really my director that's not...
  9. Sush

    Very strange feces/intestinal issue...

    No she is actually on the thinner side. One of the vets mentioned Parvo but she thinks everything is either parvo or distemper so it's hard to take her too seriously. What is DIC? Is blood work the first thing that would need to be done to rule out any of these things or maybe an ultrasound...
  10. Sush

    Very strange feces/intestinal issue...

    Can you expand a little? :)
  11. Sush

    Very strange feces/intestinal issue...

    I work at an animal shelter and one of our long-time adoptable dogs is having a very odd and upsetting issue. Last week she suddenly started pooping pure dark blood. The vet had us put her on Metronidizole and have her eat low-residue food (I/d). He didn't really run any tests or have much...
  12. Sush

    Benedryl Use

    Yeah she is only about 10 lbs :) I just read on the back of the box that humans arent supposed to take Benedryl regulalry for long periods of time so I got a little worried about doggy use. I can already tell it's not working as well but I seriously can't get her to stop itching. She's getting...
  13. Sush

    Anybody been on a cruise?

    Tommarrow I leave Santa Cruz for Long Beach to go on a three day cruise to Ensanada, Mexico!! Woohooo! I've never been on a cruise but I just know I'm going to love it! Me and 15 other girls are setting sail for a Bachelorette Party at sea :) Have any of you been on one? Likes? Dislikes...
  14. Sush

    Benedryl Use

    I've been giving Sage 1/2 tab Benedryl 2 x a day for her seasonaly allergies, they seem to work alot better than the kind that the vet had previously prescribed to her. I think I've been doing it for about two weeks now...are their detrimental affects of giving benedryl long term?
  15. Sush

    What are your favorite, and least

    Favorite...Tummy :) I got some good genes in that area. Least Favorite...Hands, not the cutest things on earth, I totally bite them nails...
  16. Sush

    Tourist Swap 2

    Hehehe it's surprise!!!
  17. Sush

    I'm up for making some signatures

    You think you could make me an autumn themed one? Maybe with her laying in a pile of leaves?
  18. Sush

    Who do you find Sexy, and why?

    I think he is amazingly hot... BUT my range of hotness is quite large. I agree that the uniqueness in someone is VERY attractive. I was first attracted to my boyfriend because of his lip...or the scar on his lip that causes him to look like he has somewhat of a fat lip all the time...
  19. Sush

    Tourist Swap 2

    My hands up!!! But I sent mine mid last week and it was only supposed to take three days :( Well whenever it gets their someone is in for a smelly surprise :) :)
  20. Sush

    Anyone talked to Breeze....

    I would tell her to log off her account whenever she uses it at the library, it looks like that's where these crazes are comming from.