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    Fleece Ball Reviewers Please!

    Sorry about the Bad form, It is all fixed now. :)
  2. Bentley's Bones

    Fleece Ball Reviewers Please!

    We are looking for 4 different families to do a product review on our Fleece Balls! One with a Puppy, one with a moderate chewer, one with a heavy chewer, and a multi-dog family. Each family will be sent (for free) a fleece ball to test out, photograph with their dog, fill out a questionnaire...
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    Bentley's Bones

    Bentley's Bones Christmas Stocking Sale!! Bentley's Bones Christmas Stocking Sale!! 2 Christmas Stockings for $25! (reg. $16.00 each!) see them here : Click Here Choose from any print and either shape (bone or fish) and EMAIL your order to me and include your email address that you use for...
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    Bentley's Bones

    *update* We've added new products to our offering! :) Leash Bags: Carry your pick up bags in style! This is a doggie Leash Bag made to clip on to a leash, your belt loop or where ever you would like to carry your plastic pick up bags for you while walking your Pup. No more buying those...
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    Ruckus's PUPPY pictures.

    How cute! :)
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    New Bentley photos

    Just wanted to share a few from today in the yard.. I'm Bored Mom,... I think I'll just nap... and eat some grass. Thanks for looking!
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    Pet rent

    Geeze! Pet rent too?? Cause you know that they take long hot showers and always leave the lights on??? We just had to pay a $250 pet deposit and that's it. I personally think that pet rent is alittle over kill unless they are going to scoop poop for you! LOL
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    *Raw Feeders*

    I have a local Co-op group here in AZ, and I just got my first order from an Oma's Pride distrubitor that is about 45 minutes away from me. I do keep a watch for sales from my grocery store and check in often to see what they hapen to have. I just found pork necks last week for .99 a lb so I...
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    Prepared Raw diets

    If you are still interested in the pre-made or the gound option of RAW there are many co-op groups (you can usually find a few in the yahoo groups) that you can get the ground stuff though. I have ordered some for Bentley to have on hand when I'm not around to feed him RMBs until DH is more...
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    My Gang in action ***PICS***

    I love that last shot of Rylie peekin gout from the bed :D They are all adorable!
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    Random Shots

    I Love the "Happy Dog" shot :D
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    Feeding a RAW diet.

    I was just wondering how many people here feed a RAW diet? I recently switched over after many months of research and Bentley is Loving it! :D
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    Raw feeding FAQ

    Great post! I have recently switched to raw after about 6 to 8 months of research, but I still find more and more info everywhere. Thanks for all the great info! :)
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    Bentley Photos :)

    He is such a big luv bug :) I absolutely adore him :) And he just Loves the camera! ;)
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    Bentley Photos :)

    Just thought that I would share a few of my lil' boy :D
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    New from AZ

    Just a quick question, is there a certin place that I should post pics? I didn't see a photo gallery area?
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    Bentley's Bones

    Please feel free to check out my site, I offer handmade dog bandannas that slip on the collar so there is no need to tie, they stay on better, and there is less of a chance of choaking. All different patterns to choose from, Holidays, Patriotic, and ones for everday...
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    New from AZ

    Thank you :) My Siggy is actually a photo that a friend took and I played around with in a photo editing program :)
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    New from AZ

    Hello All! Just wanted to say Hi from AZ! I have a yellow lab, Bentley who turned 4 in January. :) I adopted him January 7th, 2006 and couldn't imagine life with out him now. :)