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    I have had enough

    I haven't been a member of Chazhound for long but in that time I can honestly say, I have had enough and have decided to leave. I have been given bad advice by people, practically been accused of being a BYB and I have seen people asking for advice from people who have had experience in...
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    How can I make a season easier?

    My older bitch comes into season every four months. This time she also bought my just 7 month old into season as well. I know that their nature changes but my little one is not happy at all. She is definately not herself. She is feeling it more than any of my others have. Does anyone have...
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    How to pick the ideal owner?

    I am new to this forum and I was wondering how everyone picks the ideal new owners for their pups. Do you have a checklist, go on intuition, or something else?
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi Everyone, I live in Australia where I breed and show Norwegian Elkhounds and Afghans.