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  1. kms1167

    Dog websites/blogs/etc.

    Hello! I just liked your FB page. My wife and I run a blog called MyDogLikes where we put together comprehensive dog product reviews and guides to dog friendly parks, places and events. Great to meet you!
  2. kms1167

    New look

    Loving the new look - great job!
  3. kms1167

    Dog beds

    We love our West Paw Design Bumper Bed. It is somewhat pricey but huge and holds up great. They even like to share! :rofl1:
  4. kms1167

    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    Our boys would only last a few moments since they would insist on saying hello and becoming friends with the first zombie they see!
  5. kms1167

    Leather Collars

    We absolutely love our RUHA leather collar. Harley has been wearing his daily for well over a year now and it looks just like the day we got it. Best of all, they can be customized with a laser etching of your dogs name and your address/phone number.
  6. kms1167

    Your Dogs Nicknames

    Oh, many! Harley: Harles, Big H, H-Dog, Harles Barkley Charlie: Chuck, Chuckles, Chuckily Duckily, Robocop
  7. kms1167

    What are your favorite tug toys?

    One of our favorite Tug toys is definitely the Puller. It comes in a set of two and there are several ways to play with them including running, jumping and tugging. Here are a bunch of pics of our boys playing with the Puller!
  8. kms1167

    Aiden, year 5

    He sure is handsome! Beautiful photos!
  9. kms1167

    Mouse's New Collar

    Great looking collar! We just got our first leather collar recently and are loving it!
  10. kms1167

    Fall Photos with a New Collar

    Really stunning photos, and that is such a cool collar!
  11. kms1167

    Oh how I love thee Fall.

    Jackson has such a sweet face! Great fall pics - is our favorite time of year around here!
  12. kms1167

    A Few Phone Pics

    Great pictures of everyone! Gimmick is so cute lying with the kitty! Our dogs get along really well with our cats too and it is always adorable :)
  13. kms1167

    Birthday Bitches Photoshoot (With new camera!)

    Beautiful girls and amazing photos!!!
  14. kms1167

    Does your dog dig?

    Both Harley and Charlie love to dig and lay in the cool dirt. Here is Harley teaching his younger brother how its done! It is amazing how fast they can make a hole!
  15. kms1167

    Autumn Hike

    Stunning photos!!! What a beautiful place :)
  16. kms1167

    Nap time

    This is unbelievably adorable!
  17. kms1167

    Dogs in a wedding?

    Harley was in our wedding, and looking back I am so glad we did it. He stood right up with the other groomsmen, and even hung around throughout the reception. Everyone loved him and he helped make the day even more special to us. He even got to wear a custom tuxedo bandanna :)
  18. kms1167

    My dog has a billboard

    Congratulations! That is so exciting! Congratulations!
  19. kms1167

    Your dogs' quirks

    What a great thread! Harley: Harley has always been very particular about the types of toys he will play with. If it is made of rubber or plastic it is pretty much out of the question. Soft cuddly things on the other hand, anything will suffice! He is very well behaved and not much of...
  20. kms1167

    Favorite Dog Products

    I am always passionate about dog products so I will name a bunch! As far as toys, a few of our favorites include: West Paw Design Bumi - Fun shape with a lot of different types of play possible and very durable. West Paw Design Tizzi - Very durable and dispenses treats! Jolly Ball - In...