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    Responsible Dog Ownership

    I'll add: Identification for your dog - dog tags Spending time with your dog, focused attention on him (petting, games, walks, etc) Protecting your dog from harm Giving your dog compassion, respect, and empathy
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    looking for new love

    I'm very sorry to hear that you've lost your dog. It's a sad time. When I lose a dog, I make an album containing all of my favorite pictures of that dog. The whole album is just for him or her. It helps me a lot. I hope that soon you can think mostly about the good times with your dog. Take care.
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    Hi From Joel Silverman from ANIMAL PLANET'S "GOOD DOG U"

    Hi, Joel. I'm going to pass on this discussion. :-) I just wanted to welcome you to Chazhound and tell you that I've enjoyed your show many times. It's nice to see you participating with the group. Welcome!
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    I luv mi poodles

    Hi and welcome to Chazhound. There's a lot of nice people and good info here. Looking forward to seeing your dogs!
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    Hi New here

    Welcome to Chaz!
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    Thomas the Corgi

    Adam, welcome to Chaz. Thomas is totally adorable! I'll bet he melts your heart everyday. This is a great place - I'm sure you'll get lots of great information.
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    hello, I'm new

    Hi! Welcome to Chaz. It's good that you are waiting for your house and you are doing some research first. Read everything you can so that you are sure a lab will fit your schedule and situation. They are wonderful dogs. You'll find lots of good info here on Chaz and we're happy to have you join.
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    Welcome - looking forward to your pics!
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    Nice to meet ya!

    Hi! Wow, you have two very different dogs. I'm sure it makes for a fun household. This is a great place, I'm sure you'll enjoy being on the forum. Welcome!
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Chaz!
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    My Intro!

    Garett, welcome to Chazhound. This is a terrific place to make connections with people who love dogs. Yours are adorable!
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    Newby intro

    Welcome to Chaz! It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your dog. See you on the forums.
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    Another Newbie Here!

    Welcome to Chaz. Your pup is adorable and so tiny!!
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    Hello from IL!!!

    Hi, sounds like you have a lot of fun with Riley. I have done many years of therapy work with my collie and absolutely love it. Welcome to Chaz!!
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    Intro threads are so awkward!

    HI Kendalyn! I am in Southern Ca now, but before the move, I lived in Kalamazoo, too! I taught school there for 6 years (Milwood Elementary). It's a great city and I think of it often. Still have friends there. Anyway, welcome to Chaz - I know you'll find friends and good info here. Welcome!
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    Meet Paco and Me

    Hi and welcome to Chaz! Your dog is adorable in his sombrero!! I think you'll like it here - lots of friendly people. I visited your website and you have great collars. Collars never show on my dog because of all the hair! :-)
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    One APBT (mix), one Setter and me

    Welcome to Chaz!
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    Greetings and salutations

    What a fantastic picture of your wonderful crew! Just beautiful dogs. Welcome to Chaz - I know you'll find a lot to do here. It's a great bunch of people!
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to Chaz! Sounds like you have lots of experience. It's a great group here and I'm sure you'll enjoy the interaction. See you on the forums!
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    I'm a newbie

    Hi Candice. Welcome to the group. There are all kinds of people, dogs, and expertise here. Just post your questions and I'm sure you'll get lots of responses. What kind of dog do you have? I have collies and live in California. Again, welcome to Chaz!