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    This is a Forum.

    Yes I too thought that it was a forum built on the love and betterment of dogs. While I do believe in freedom of speech I also see that as a forum of animal lovers it is out of place here. Kind of similar to allowing Satan worshipers free speech in a house of God if you will. As a person who...
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    Nikki WIP

    such great work. Will be watching
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    Proud Mom *Pics*

    very cute
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    Columbus Day?

    Heck another Hallmark moment lol
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    HAppy hanksgiving to all the Canadian Chazzers!

    Learn something new lol . I did not know you had that day. lol Well Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Simply beautiful photos loved them
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    Zeus puppy zoomies! PICS!

    Always the good looking boy Gem.
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    Guess what I saw at Petsmart

    Just can't put a price on stupid Gem. It is free and so many run to get their share of it.
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    Back home

    Boy Zoom lol you sure know how to have a good time lol. After us trying to kill you here you still go in search of getting a beating. LMAO
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    Getting the Fila spirit

    wow so when are we gathering for a dinner ? Hey I don't know about Filas but I do know that when we fed the meat and scraps to our dogs they could let me know there was a deer with in that county lol. Never did not come off the mountain meatless. I envy you I have not done it in years. Congrats...
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    Pharaoh Hound

    He is very striking looking.
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    Is your dog your best friend?

    Absolutely I trust my dogs far more then I would ever a human
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    Puppy's due date!

    Congratulations !!!
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    Some people should just be shot in the head

    This is one reason I have no compassion to an abusive person regardless of why. I have a million more reasons but I will save that for another time.
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    looking for some positive vibes/prayers

    Happy to hear she is doing better Bax. Sorry that you have to go through these things. I know how a parent worries. Glad you baby is ok.
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    Meet my Newfador

    very pretty dog
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    Little Susitna River. Pics, part 1 of 7.

    Beautiful and peaceful. Jealous all I have is cactus and sand but I am warm lol
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    Hannah Update

    Best wishes to you two and glad to hear she is coming home