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  1. Kjara

    Here we are again..

    Finally I have time to post some pics of my dogs..It's been almost 3 months since my Kjara become a mother and we sold almost all of her sons and daughters.. They all went to a great families and I was sad at the beginning but now that I seen them how they are doing I'm happy..Here are some...
  2. Kjara

    Update: kjara's babies..

    So today the babies have five weeks and these are the latest pictures taken today... Look how cute and big we are getting.. We decided to leave one girl with us..But we don't know witch one cause they are two girls and each of them two are so special in there way so it's a little...
  3. Kjara

    Update on Kjara's babies..

    Here we are again... These are the latest pics of Kjara's babies.. Ours first steps... Sleepy time.. play time.. *MORE*
  4. Kjara

    Update: She's a mom...

    Hey you beutiful people.. I know I heavent posted anything for a long time but I'm here almoste everyday reading with dictionary on my lap..I know that moste of you don't know me and the rest forgoten me..I don't mind..I'm still learning english so it's hard for me to read and wright like you...
  5. Kjara

    Happy birthday CharlieDog..

    All the best for your birthday..Hope you have a great day... Here's a kiss from bothe of us... :D
  6. Kjara

    Time to see love of my life...

    I'm proud to say -I'm in love-.. Isn't he just sweet... snif..snif.. MORE
  7. Kjara

    Pics of Kjara.. :)

    So.. This was quick.. An hour ago (16h) we went outside before rain to go wild.. [/IMG] Don't look behing her.. She doesn't like to stay home alone in the morning so this is the way to tell us how mad she is.. [/IMG] "it's my ball, just mine..." [/IMG] *MORE*
  8. Kjara

    help please..

    Why don't I see the little pics -signiture- i think.. It's just big "x"? Can enyone help me?:(
  9. Kjara

    Do you know about Coconut Oil?

    I've read this and I don't know if it's thrue.. If you know please help.. Do you know about Coconut Oil? Added to the diet coconut oil can help slim overweight dogs, condition dry shabby-looking coats, offers some relief to painful arthritis or ligament problems, can help balance the...
  10. Kjara

    Kjaras pics

    So today was a good day... we were outside having a great time.. look at her ears..hahahaha..
  11. Kjara

    Help please..

    I don't know how to enlarge a picture? Yours are so big and mine are so small that you don't see nothing..:( I don't know how to do it, can anyone help me? Please, please.... Thanks..
  12. Kjara

    12 plea of one dog

    1. My life lasts 10-15 years. Every departure from you means to me suffering. So consider thereof before you took me. 2. Love me the way that I am, because you choose me for a friend. 3. Give me time to realize in training what you want from me. 4. Have love for me, I live because you love...
  13. Kjara

    Hi everyone..

    My name is Tina and my dog name is Kjara. She is Great Dane. We are from Croatia (Europa). Sorry if some letters are wrong writen im not that good in english. I dont know how to put a picture of my dog so if you can help i will be grateful.. So that is it from Kjara and me!!