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    my teasha

    my puppy teasha the sassy schnauzer she is so spoiled with my yorkie tessa.we all love them she lets me know when she wants to go outside potty, she hits the beads on door. she a smart black schnauzer.
  2. MY DOBE

    My dobe

    Hi, my dukane the dobe was put down oct 3rd he was so sick with liver cancer i miss him so much now hes in no pain up with angels i miss dressing him up for the holidays and green bay packers games. Now i have my yorkie tessa to hug me hugs to all dobe lovers. Please take care of your dobes...
  3. MY DOBE

    My tessa

    Hi, this is my tessa the cute yorkie girl she is 12 years old she misses her big brother dukane the doberman that had to be put down he had a tumor went in to cancer. We miss him so dearly now he's in no pain up with all the dobe angels , hugs sheila from cold wisconsin.
  4. MY DOBE

    Wheat Bread & Grains

    My Dog's Love Wheat Bread I Think It So Healthy For Them
  5. MY DOBE

    taping dobes ears and how?

    Hi, my friend has a pup and the taping came off his ears she dont no how to tape them back on her vet office is 3hrs away. so do any one no any dog vets to help her out?
  6. MY DOBE

    Dobertoons Jokes Site

    please check out funny dobe pic's & jokes..enjoy.
  7. MY DOBE

    carrots for my dobe?

    I was wondering are carrots good for your dog's to eat Everyday my Doberman loves them. i have to ask my vet to. how many should i give him a Day Thanks. Sheila.