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  1. BigDog2191

    Wish Me Luck

    I've got an armwrestling tournament tomorrow. This will be my second one... I'm training hard and have been doing the sport for about four months, so we'll see what happens. I'm really nervous. I never have been able to sleep the night before an event...
  2. BigDog2191

    Throwing Up?

    Alright... lately, Rocky's been throwing up and having diarreah. He doesn't act sick and acts completely normal and happy-go-lucky but there's obviously something up with his stomach. I took him to the vet because he'd been doing it a while the exact same way (about mid-day almost everyday...
  3. BigDog2191

    Rocky Pictures (LOTS)

  4. BigDog2191

    Your Opinion (Romantic Relationships)

    To put it simply, I'm trying to see if I can develope a romantic relationship with someone who simply holds the title of really good friend. I've never thought it to be wise to simply go up to an attractive girl and ask them out on a date. So generally, I try to be friends with girls who I...
  5. BigDog2191

    Your Name For Your Dog

    Does anybody have nicknames that they call their dog instead of the actual name that you tell everybody is their name? I constantly call Rocky "Little Bear", haha... yeah, yeah - laugh it up. :o But I do call him Rocky but generally I just go from nickname to nickname (he responds to...
  6. BigDog2191

    New Rocky Pictures

    Rocky and I went outside for a little bit to get some fresh air and so I thought it to be a good opportunity to get some new pictures of him for all to see. I got some of him inside as well, on my bed. So these are new, done today. :) More to come...
  7. BigDog2191

    Math People

    I'm struggling with Algebra 2... so... for those of your who can solve a system: 83=196a+14b+c 92.7=9a+3b+c 50.7=a+b+c I need to know what a, b, and c are. If anyone can help me with this, or you know, just give me the answers that'd be great. :)
  8. BigDog2191

    A Possum In My Yard

    Well, tonight there was a possum in my yard. I took Rocky outside and I just kind of stood there, looked up at the clouds and thought about the craptacular weather as rain drops bounced off my face when I heard a commotion in a part of the yard where I couldn't really see Rocky, I hear him let...
  9. BigDog2191

    Internal War *Rant, Long*

    I loved dogs. One could say I was obsessed with them, at one point. I went to a dog training class and that’s where my love for dogs increased substantially. But this is also the place that led to my gradual decrease of love for dogs. But it wasn’t so much the place as it was the incident...
  10. BigDog2191

    Worth of a Life

    I know we've had these discussions before and I had this discussion with a friend but what is the worth of a life to you? Is your dog equal to a plant? Is your best friend equal to your dog? My friend argues that human life is more valueable to him simply because he can empathize with a...
  11. BigDog2191

    Question (Christianity)

    I have a question; one of the things that throws me off about Christianity a lot is the whole 'animals have no souls'. As you see in my signature, 'Heaven can not be heaven if my dog is not there to welcome me'. And when I say this, I mean family as well. In the mind of a Christian, I see it...
  12. BigDog2191


    I love 70's music... my dirty little secret. What era of music do you enjoy the most?
  13. BigDog2191

    Does Your Dog....

    Bribe you? Example: Rocky just jumped up on my bed. I told him to get off and he comes up to me - puppy eyes a-gleamin', ears a' movin', he stretches right in front of me and puts his arm on my shoulder and then sort of tries to wrap it around MY arm just before licking my cheek. I...
  14. BigDog2191

    Update from BigDog

    Hey folks. No luck finding another job but I’ve mowed a few lawns and my dad and I decided to have a garage sale this weekend and split the money, so that’s cool, I’ll be doing well money-wise this weekend for sure. Well, in between mowing lawns and preparing for the garage sale, I’ve been...
  15. BigDog2191

    Where is Sparks and Puckstop?

    I haven't seen or heard from them in a long time! They're good people. Anybody know what's going on?
  16. BigDog2191

    Update On Job/etc.

    Ok, so I decided that the job I was going for isn't the job for me. I honestly did not have a good feeling about it and I just didn't think I would be getting what I deserved for the work I did. When I looked at the pros and cons of going to the job... the cons outweighed the pros by a lot. So...
  17. BigDog2191

    Rocky Pictures

    Some Rocky pictures for all to enjoy. ^^^when I was trying to take that picture, I wanted him to look at the camera and instead he looked away. :rolleyes: 1 or 2 more coming...
  18. BigDog2191

    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    Like I announced earlier this month, I was hired for a job at a local amusement park. This amusement park is large, very busy, and I'm guaranteed the work will be strenuous. I work 40 hours a week, get 2 days off and... I'm getting 4 dollars an hour. Below minimum wage. Way below. Now before...
  19. BigDog2191


    After searching for a job for about a week, I went to my first interview today and I got the job. I'm working at a local amusement park sort of place and making just above minimum wage ($6.00/hr). Say congratulations to BigDog he's finally getting some money. :D
  20. BigDog2191

    Bear Hybrid.

    Very, very interesting.