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  1. Squidbert

    Please Help!

    If you can! This is an amazing woman. She actually works as a rep for one of the pet foods at my work.. she founded the organization Ruff Spots which helps people and shelters have the ability to spay and neuter pets. So many beagles from Beagle Paws (an organization I'm involved with) have been...
  2. Squidbert

    Puppers and Rats! *yes.. more pics*

    The lovely Speranza
  3. Squidbert

    New fishes! *pics*

    I got a betta male about a week ago and rwo female bettas.. they are just so pretty.. I figured I'd share some pics! :) The boy The gals
  4. Squidbert

    Squiki in the Snow *lots of pics*

    Squid LOVES the snow.. of course a few days later the snow is all gone again.. but it'll be back.. and Squid will be elated! Heehee.. he loves snowballs and chasing them and can't figure out how they disappear.. Tiki was having a blast too! Here are the pics for you. Tiki flying Whats...
  5. Squidbert

    Royal Canin and TechniCal..

    .. What does everyone think? Good.. bad.. awful? :)
  6. Squidbert

    Pics of 'Squiki' Playing in the Yard!!

    Got some pics of the two,(mostly Squid) playing outside today.. Tiki was being lazy.. :p So here they are! Squid waiting for the ball And again Tiki with a weird look on her face.. heehee
  7. Squidbert

    Rats and Puppers and Bunns, OH MY! (LOADS of pics)

    I know I know.. lame title.. but it had to be done! Heehee The dogs were in the rat/bunn room today having a blast saying hello to them all.. Squids still a little nervous with so many critters in there but he LOVED it.. hah! And also loved finding bunn poos and eating them.. blech! Anyway...
  8. Squidbert

    Do you love one of your dogs..

    .. more than the other? For multi-pupper owners or even for people who have had other dogs in the past.. I'm not sure if I actually love one more than the other.. but I get a stronger feeling of love for Squid than I do for Tiki.. and I feel bad about it! When I got Tiki 3 years ago I felt...
  9. Squidbert

    If I Got a Pit Bull..

    ...relatively soon.. I mean.. not tomorrow.. but within a few years.. and I still have Tiki and Squid.. would it be best to get a pup? I know pits can be dog aggressive.. would it be a safe idea if I were to adopt an adult, or young adult, even if he/she is generally good with other dogs.. and...
  10. Squidbert

    Avatar Comics!

    These are some comic strips from the characters in my avatar! I've posted some links to my favourites.. and the link at the end inclused all the comics about them.. the pupper reminds me SO much of Squid with his love for balls and his love for life :D...
  11. Squidbert

    The SAVAGES!!!! *pics*

    .. And on my bed! :eek: Heehee Here are some pics of 'Squiki".. haven't posted any in a while! Just hanging out.. And it starts with some harsh words.. And a shove!
  12. Squidbert

    WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Happy me!!

    So.. I haven't been on in a while.. my internet died and we finally got everything fixed up today.. so I'm back :) The last little while for me has been an emotional roller coaster.. My work has only been giving me part time hours.. which totally blows.. getting another job was the only...
  13. Squidbert

    Does anyone else get confused...

    ... when someone changes their avatar? :lol-sign: I do all the time.. I know I know.. I'm a little daft.. :p and I'm not so bad with people who I 'know'..but when it's newer people or people who don't post as often I'm never sure if I recognize them.. I guess I associate the person too much...
  14. Squidbert

    Ahh Science Diet..

    I went to a meeting with a Science Diet rep yesterday for work.. oh boy is all I can say.. :rolleyes: I'm not sure who feels what about Science Diet here.. but I have to say I'm not a big fan at all.. maybe the vet foods from the company are better.. but the ones we sell seem pretty poopie...
  15. Squidbert

    New ratties!!! LOTS of pics

    So.. we got a shipment of little girl ratties in a while ago.. and I've been planning to get a new girl.. I had only 2 girls left and one is young and hyper while the other is older and not hyper.. I wanted to get a new girl for my younger one so she would have a playmate and have someone to...
  16. Squidbert

    Ivy is Gone Now....

    I miss her so much already.. :( Ivy was my rat baby.. she was one of my favourites.. always so full of life.. so loving.. always kissing.. always so happy to see me.. even in her last few days.. She left last night while I was holding her in my arms.. I held her for a couple hours.. she...
  17. Squidbert

    Squid ate a pill!!!!!

    He's ok though.. :) I was about to take my pills and I accidently dropped one on the floor.. I didn't even realize I dropped one till he started crunching something.. :rolleyes: It was a Pariet.. I take two for acid reflux.. called the vet and he got back to me a few minutes ago and said...
  18. Squidbert

    Anyone Want Tiki and Squid??

    They're both driving me INSANE! :( Every day I come home and Tiki and pooed and/or peed on the floor.. even today when she was outside a half an hour earlier.. just before Steve went to work.. a HALF HOUR! She was only here a half hour alone and she felt the need to poo AND pee!!!!! :mad...
  19. Squidbert

    First Work Day!

    Well today was FINALLY my first day of work at the petstore.. It was pretty much just setting up.. putting up shelves.. cleaning, all that fun stuff! :p However there were some very cute construction workers there to keep us occupied.. ;) Overall it went REALLY well!! I'm so very happy to...
  20. Squidbert

    This is too cute to not share! Made me smile lots! :)