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  1. Saintgirl

    Goodbye Hutch

    We had to let him go. There, I said it. On Tuesday afternoon we had to rush Hutch to the vet and say our final goodbye. It was the day after his 8th birthday. Hutch came to us when he was 10 months old. Severely malnurished, abused, and a physically a mess. Emotionally he was unscathed. The...
  2. Saintgirl

    A few of my crew!

    Here they are! I am far from a photographer like some of you on here are, but wanted to show off my pups. Hutch is now 6 and a half and still going strong. A little slower than he used to be and with the facial nerve paralysis he is far from a pretty boy- but he's my boy! Abbey is 7 and still...
  3. Saintgirl

    My Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    As the title says, my little one was born 3 1/2 weeks ago! On Jan.10 he was born at 11:33 am. He weighed 7lbs 12 oz, and was 20 inches long. His name is Elijah (we call him Eli) St. Clair after his great grandfather who passed away nearly 3 years ago. My labor was induced on the 9th, but it took...
  4. Saintgirl

    Facial nerve paralysis- Has anyone experienced this?

    Poor Hutch, our Saint, has facial nerve paralysis. He has lost muscle coordination on the left side of his face. I immediately thought that he had suffered from a stroke, but usually this is not the case. Most cases of this are idiopathic, but we do have to rule out the other causes. We will...
  5. Saintgirl

    Seagle really needs the famous Chaz vibes

    I know I don't post that often, but I really need the support of people who will understand. My little Seagle the beagle has an obstructed bowel and will be having surgery to have it removed today. He was vomiting yesterday and I didn't become too concerned until the diarrhea started so we...
  6. Saintgirl

    Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians!!!

    Just wanted to say Happy Canada Day to all the other Canadians on here! We will be heading out soon to go and check out some of the festivities, meeting friends for dinner down on our waterfront, and then taking in the fireworks tonight! Should be a fun day. Any other Canadians doing...
  7. Saintgirl

    Seagle pulled out his stitches!

    Well yesterday morning Seagle had the big snip. Everything went wonderfully, he came home at dinner time last night and seemed a little tired, but otherwise his normal same old self. He wasn't at all interested in his stitches in the evening, didn't lick once. We asked at the vet if we should...
  8. Saintgirl

    Any Chazzers feel the effects of Noel?

    Well, I woke up at 4 am this morning to some of my 6 foot fencing being torn down by the strong winds (120kms/h or 75miles). My husband and I went out to investigate and save as much as we could. Luckily we only lost 3 8 foot pannels. We lost several shingles on our roof, and our outdoor light...
  9. Saintgirl

    HAppy hanksgiving to all the Canadian Chazzers!

    I didn't see a post like this, but maybe I missed it! Either way, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canucks!!
  10. Saintgirl

    A pic of my pups in my wedding!

    I haven't been able to post so much latley, we just bought a house and got married...and added a new mwmber to the family, our little beagle pup, so we have been super busy. I wanted to try to post this pic of our wedding that was 2 weeks ago. My Saint was tired and decided to flop down on my...
  11. Saintgirl

    Two dogs plus foster = three!

    On Saturday we will be bringing home a foster girl. She is an 8 month old husky/shep cross who was days away from being euthanized because she was an untrained puppy. The owners decided that she was too much work and they didn't have time for her. Instead of wanting to rehome her they wanted to...
  12. Saintgirl

    Elbow Dysplasia- Please Help!

    Well, I have just spent a very long and sad afternoon at the vets. We rescued my St. Bernard when he was 10 months old (10 months ago). A few times he has shown some signs of lamness in his front left leg, but it has always disappeared after a couple of hours. Last night he started limping again...
  13. Saintgirl

    Hi Everyone!

    I joined about a week ago, but then the computer went down, now its back and running!! I live in Nova Scotia, and have a husky/shepherd named Abbey who is 2 years old and a Saint Bernard named Hutch who is a year and a half old. Can't wait to start posting! Oh yeah, are there any other Saint...