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    Does WordPad have a word count?

    If so, where is it located? Thanks.:)
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    I know what you all need...

    Charlie pics! More Coming...
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    Quick Drawing of my Cat

    This is Misty. :) My scanner didn't do a good job scanning it, so I took a pic with my camera. It's not as clear as I wanted it to be, I may try to get a better pic later. I'm not good a doing white parts, so just ignor everything below her chin.:o
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    It's been so cold here lately! Yesterday it was -35 degrees. *Shivers* I can't wait for the snow to finally go away, I hate winter.:( What's the weather like where you are?
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    Charlie Video

    Here is a video of Charlie playing with his pelican toy (it's his favorite), there's not much to it, but it's pretty cute.:p Click To Watch
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    Time for Toby pics!

    Toby is my mom's chubby Siamese cat!:p
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    Photos of Frisco!!

    Taken with my new Canon S3 IS! Whatcha think? ^_^
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    Computer Shiba Art. :)

    Yay, I have photoshop now!!! :D As you can see, I still need lots of practice coloring. So uhm, No crits please...:o Line art and a tad of coloring done in MS Paint, Coloring done in Photoshop.
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    Cat Lover?

    Well, I started a new forum! My ACD one isn't too popular so I thought I'd have more success with a cat forum. I have no members yet, I havn't either posted myself yet. I'm still thinking of a couple more forums to add as well. I'll be looking for moderators soon so if anyone is really...
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    OMG! Charlie Pics!

    Yeah, it's been a while. ;) More Coming...
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    Well, as some of you know, I was doing a big portriat of my dog... When it was nearly complete, my brother wrecked it.:( I never finished his body, but his head was nearly finished so on my last updated scan I cut out his head,lol. Here it is.. I don't want to do it over again, so I guess...
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    Anyone know of a good cat forum?

    Being a cat owner as well as a dog owner, I was looking up some cat forums... I found one I like, but they seem to be strict on who joins... I registered and posted, but my post won't be viewable until a moderator accepts it. I waited for it to show up, but then I got this message: I don't...
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    Well, I was being nosey a min ago and was poking into peoples profiles for something to do. I happened to look at yours and I just had to say... OMG that pic of Lizzie is ADORABLE!! She looks so cute with the Santa Hat on!!:lol-sign:
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    My Grad Pics

    Well, my proofs came in today, here are a few... they're hard to see though... they scanned really dark. I might try to fix them up later. Enjoy. My Fav: Another: Diploma & Flowers: And here is one with my baby Frisco:
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    Lookie what I'm getting for Christmas!!

    Click! ...Prepare for *tons* of Charlie pictures after the holidays!:D
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    A Fun Dog Sim Game!

    It's called Furry Paws and it's free to play. :) If you join (or are already a member) please post your ID number here, I'd love to check out your kennel and add you to my friends list. :D
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    4 New Charlie Pics...

    I know it's not much, but my camera died... I'm getting a new one for Christmas (a GOOD one!). Wasn't very bright out anyway.
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    Horse Drawing

    I forgot to show you guys this one!! I remember posting the progress of it... I finished it quite some time ago, lol. Sorry bout that.:p Keep in mind I don't do horses often (This is about the thrid one I've done since I got into art- the other 2 I drew when I was 14, which was quite a...
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    Nylon irritating skin?

    Charlie used to wear a leather collar, but one day I was told that nylon collars are best because they dont stretch like leather, and that leather hurts their necks... So bought Charlie a nylon collar at the pet store a while back. It was a really nice collar, it had a steel clip that was...