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  1. Jadex

    Gorilla Boy

    Panzer is 10 months old now! We are still doing IPO foundations and just started to learn how to track. We are also doing agility, which he is a rockstar at (keeping the jumps very low since he's still growing)! He should also have his CGC soon. We just went to a nosework seminar which was...
  2. Jadex

    Old photos and History of your Breed

    How old is your breed? What were they developed for? Interesting facts? Share some pics! The earliest record of the Beauceron dates back to 1578. It was bred to drive and protect sheep and cattle as well as guard the homestead. The Beauceron was used in both world wars as messenger dog...
  3. Jadex

    Panzer update

    He's still awesome. Also as big as Gypsy now. Tomorrow he graduates puppy class and we will be in our first show in Nov. Sorry if these pics are ridiculously huge. Hangin with the fam. Panzer far left. Missing and eyebrow because of the cat. Dad Little squid
  4. Jadex

    What do you drive?

    I've been putting off getting a new car for a while, but now that I have 3 large dogs I really need to get a bigger car. I'm considering the Acura MDX, Honda Pilot, Toyota 4runner and highlander, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave. Will be buying used. Any suggestions?
  5. Jadex

    Baby bear

    This is Panzer the Beauceron. He's almost 11 weeks old. He's the sweetest and most awesome puppy ever. The hounds have taken to him better than I expected!
  6. Jadex

    Three's a crowd?

    I have plans to get another dog next year, but I'm having a lot of anxiety about the decision. The thought of having more dogs than hands makes me a little nervous. I didn't think twice about adding a second dog though... What changed when you added a 3rd dog? Do you think 3 is too many...
  7. Jadex

    Tracking Harness- How should it fit?

    Ryker's girth is 28" and the harness I bought was for 25"-35". I really have no idea how it's supposed to fit. Should it be loose around the neck? The front plate seems very bulky. I'm just trying to figure out how it's not supposed to be restrictive. It doesn't seem any less restrictive than a...
  8. Jadex

    If you were to re-name your dog, what would you name them?

    On the topic of names again.... Do you feel like the name you chose suites your dog? I think Ryker's name is a little too serious for his goofy playful mannerisms. If I were to re-name him I would name him Finn or Flynn, something short and fun sounding. I was kind of "Eh" with Gypsy's...
  9. Jadex

    Snowy walk with Piper the Corgi

    Little fox Ah wind on my nutz Dem bootays Snoooow Love this shot Why mumma I don't even like those treats All legs She's such a happy girl
  10. Jadex

    1 Picture that represents your dog and why.

    Post 1 (yes, 1!) picture that you feel represents each of your dogs and their personalities. It doesn't necessarily need to be the best or your favorite picture of them. Ryker: He's outdoorsy, calming, intelligent, and rugged. Gypsy: She's sweet, pretty, and patient/tolerant. And...
  11. Jadex


    Ryker (1.5 years old) is on prozac for severe SA. I'm totally fine with this and realize that he really does need it. Before we went to the veterinary behaviorist he was a mess (destroying the front door, pooping inside, barking, etc.). Since then his issues are almost 0, except when we go...
  12. Jadex

    Cats Vs. Dogs

    I adopted Gypsy about a month and a half ago at 4 years old with no background history. She is a redbone coonhound and was most likely used as a hunting dog. At first I had considered rehoming her because she really wanted to get the cat, as any coonhound would. She is super excited/interested...
  13. Jadex

    Gypsy & Ryker the Redbones

    Hello from southern New Hampshire! Ryker is my baby 1.5 year old male Redbone. Gypsy was recently adopted about a month ago and her age is estimated to be about 4 years. We have overcome SA with Ryker and we are currently working with a trainer and a behaviorist for Gypsy because she is...