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    The Littlest Percheron, The Cheeseface, and Guests

    Awwwwww,they are so beautiful and the GSD pup is just gorgeous,love his face Xxxxx
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    Does anyone make signatures?

    I would love a siggy too but I have to come up with pics first,will let you know if it's ok Thanks xxx
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    Off and On Lurker

    Helloooo and welcome :) Can I say that Pixel is my favorite? :D And her name is unique too,it suits her But they are all lovely
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    The Perfect Forum, I Finally Found You!

    Hi and welcome,your pets are very beautiful,I like Callie very much :) I have cats too but they are at mom's,will post some pics with them later Talk later xx
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    My beautiful Luna

    Thank you Panzerotti,that was my thought too,but wanted to be sure :)
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    My beautiful Luna

    Awww thank you guys for the nice words :) Hmmm,Akita?I never thought of that,but I can see why. She is beautiful,I think it's in her eyes...she has such an inteligent expression.When she looks in your eyes you just melt :D xxx
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    My beautiful Luna

    Thank you Barb
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    Nature's beauty still amazes us :)

    Very beautiful Renee and thank you, it's nice to be here again too :)
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    My beautiful Luna

    Can anybody tell me if she looks like she might have a belgian shepherd in her lines?It's just that it seems to me that she has the same face expression This is my favorite picture :)
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    Nature's beauty still amazes us :)

    Wow,check this out,I haven't seen anything like that,it's really amazing.How beautiful something so ordinary can be,except you can't see it with human eye
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    Hello from Pa.

    Hello and welcome! I just love spitz type dogs :) Both you and her were lucky to have found each other.I also have a GSD cross rescued from the streets also.With fleas and ticks and skin desease,but now she (Luna) is perfectly happy and healthy :)
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    Still a dane lover :)

    And thank you SarahHound and greenmagick,it was very sad and difficult losing my Amira but....that's life unfortunately
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    Still a dane lover :)

    Baaaaarb,thank you very much,I will be sticking around some more this time :)
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    Still a dane lover :)

    Thank you Zoom,it's good to be back,I missed it here :) I know,I'm sorry about Amira too,I still cry everytime I think of her :( And I'm very keen on getting another harle but in the near future,right now I'm just getting used to being a mommy ;)
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    Still a dane lover :)

    Hello everybody...I'm old and new at the same time,if that makes a sense to you :D I used to be on this forum a long time ago,I used to have an harlequin great dane,Amira (probably some of you may remember me..or not).But since she died (12th of may 2006) I just stopped logging on was...
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    Searchin for some advice. Thanks!

    Well...I remembered that you should take a puppy out after he ate and after he gets up from his nap...Don't know how true is that... Oscar is 4 months old...Another problem is that we aren't home all the time so that we can take him more than 5 times/day... For (and he does this...
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    Just look at this smile...

    I still feel sorry for the deer...I mean...I think I couldn't kill anything (except for mosquitoes and flies...they really "bug" me :lol-sign:)
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    Awww, cute pic

    Awwwwwwwww. Major cuteness!!! :)
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    Searchin for some advice. Thanks!, we all know that males have to pee more often then females (I'm talking about dogs :D)...But...since we don't have the whole time in the world to take Oscar outside 10 times a day (I know..I'm exagerating), is there anyway I could teach him to hold himself? We take him outside 5...