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  1. elegy


    Does anybody else play this game? I have been doing it for about two months now and I'm hideously addicted. I am constantly amazed by how creative and clever people are with this. Last weekend I went on an "expedition" with some other local cachers to find the...
  2. elegy

    Need registered name help

    You guys are better at this than I am. Hambone is slowly working toward being an Actual flyball dog, and before long I'm going to need to register him with NAFA. (He also needs to play Barn Hunt). But I still have not come up with a good name for him. I'd prefer that it tie in with...
  3. elegy

    Brene Brown

    I know somebody else mentioned Brene Brown in the What are you reading? thread. For those who don't know who she is, she is a shame researcher who has written some really excellent books and done a couple of excellent TED talks. I saw her speak at a conference over the summer. She is just...
  4. elegy


    Is anyone here knowledgeable enough about Feists to tell me if Ham could legit be one? "Mountain Feist" is what is on his paperwork from the vet who saw him initially in NC, but we just don't see Feists up here, so I am unfamiliar with the type. Not that it matters, particularly, I'm just...
  5. elegy

    Like mother like son.

    Bean Bean's mother. Steve: Steve's mother: Bonus Steve's mother because hilarious: Steve and his Uncle: Does anybody else get to see their dogs' relatives on a regular basis? I love it. I just get such a kick out of it. I look at Steve's mom and I so...
  6. elegy

    Eeevil Red Dog goes back to rally class

    It's been a long long time, and she's no longer a fan of sitting because of her arthritic knees, but she had SO MUCH FUN. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. elegy

    Hambone pictures :)

    For those who missed it, Hambone is my little brown dog I got back in August. He came out of the woods of North Carolina. Maybe a Mountain Feist? He's cute as sin and super sweet. Totally Luce's minion. Modeling his sexy Paco. Wants to be a Barn Hunt dog...
  8. elegy

    A real family photo

    Starting on the right with Vulture Bean, the mama Sprint, brother Rush, and brother Suli. It is such a neat thing seeing this litter mature together.
  9. elegy

    Awkward family photo of the day.

    Untitled by pitbulljunkie, on Flickr Hambone, Steve, Luce, Beanhead
  10. elegy

    An update on my pups.

    Hi all. I've not been around here much at all lately. Things are busy and difficult right now. But I thought I'd drop by and give an update on my pups. I lost Mushroom at the end of July (the day before my birthday, actually) to cancer. It was sudden and unexpected and awful, but he went...
  11. elegy


    I know that some of you know this from Facebook, but I lost Mushroom on Saturday. He had been coughing for a couple of weeks. I was worried that it was his heart, but when I took him in, the vet thought kennel cough because his chest sounded fine. I took him home on antibiotics and prednisone...
  12. elegy

    hamster diet

    Awhile ago I acquired a hamster. Her name is Tina. She has finally stopped threatening my life but she still doesn't like to be touched. Which is fine. She lives in Hamstertopia and has much to do by way of recreational redecorating with nightly runs on the purple hamster wheel of glee. I've...
  13. elegy

    Bean's first flyball race

    I picked up Baby! Bean at this flyball tournament last year. I was so excited that he was able to make his flyball debut this year. He did awesome. He ran several heats on Saturday like a pro, and then split heats with Steve on Sunday because he is every bit as fast. I think he's going to end up...
  14. elegy

    Bean second full flyball run ever

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Plus a couple of box turns. I'm really really proud of him. Hoping he'll get to run for the first time in a couple of weeks. The only thing we haven't done with him yet...
  15. elegy

    Bean structure question.

    Bean like never ever stands with his hocks perpendicular to the ground. He pretty much always stands with his rear up underneath him. Would you worry about it (sports wise)? He just turned a year. and this one, just so you can all appreciate his flamboyant tail.
  16. elegy

    Baby Bean flyball video

    We don't have him on the box yet, so he's just picking up a stationary ball off the ground in front of the box. Such a good boy! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. elegy

    Steve's Gamblers run from today

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I am so so proud of him. This was his first USDAA trial, as well as being his first multi-ring trial. He did awesome. Two Gamblers Qs, a Jumpers Q, and two NQs in Standard...
  18. elegy

    Books for 8 y/o girls

    A little bit girly-girl. Very bright. Loves horses. Any suggestions?
  19. elegy

    My adopted family.

    These are some of my agility instructor's dogs. C has been an angel to me over the past couple months, taking all my dogs when I had to spend time inpatient in the nut hut, and allowing us to stay overnight there when I need to not be alone. They have six dogs, but fortunately have a set up...