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    height of a labrador?

    labrador american size? i breed labradors for more then 35 years .. recently took home to france a labrador from USA .. we have labs with all english pedigrees .. i had a kennel aswell in UK registered! but this dog is not much bigger then ours! i dont think there are supposed to be different...
  2. ".......wake me up before you gogo ....."

    ".......wake me up before you gogo ....."

    taking a nap .. but sure to be back on four legs for anice walk .. or food!!
  3. life is like a box of choclates

    life is like a box of choclates

    puppies from our current litter, just two weeks old
  4. so .. what's up for today ....

    so .. what's up for today ....

    sometimes you just want to keep them all .... every puppy .. its own personality!
  5. in pensive mood

    in pensive mood

    our old lady .....shortly made before leaving us for ever ...... her lovely kind way ... just being there ... they leave their footprints in our hearts
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    welcome at silronrays

    do have alook at and :lol-sign:
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    have some pics on this site: membersgalerie etc .; also have a GSD, horses ..chickens, cats .. at the moment having a litter of choc pups! do have a look at http:// a site made by and for owners of dogs we bred etc or a private site!
  8. silronrays van the man

    silronrays van the man

    caspar .. a son of sandylands around town .. juniorchampion ... having that lovely expression!
  9. silronrays and yours truly

    silronrays and yours truly

    seen the little black puppybitch in our album ... a year later ... this is how she turned out ... truly a beauty in looks and temperament!
  10. sandylands around town ..

    sandylands around town ..

    a lovely boy .. who already has produced several champions for us! he really is a clown . who always makes me smile!
  11. our chessie ... getting along so well with all our labradors

    our chessie ... getting along so well with all our labradors

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    breder of labradors for about 35 years! also breed horses ... living in france ...southwest .. the good wine region!:p :p
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    Anyone have a Wolf Hybrid? (no hating please)

    go ask and visit rescuecenters for wolves and hybrides, maybe you get the correct info there ... and then think twice ... wondering why these centers are full and needed ?
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    German Shepherds and Their Sounds

    always have/had GSD togther with labs ... and i just realize ... it is the GSD i talk with most of the time ... as she seems to answer .. and even seems to read my mind ... always have thought they are the more intelligent part of our doggy family .. she is also not a barking one..... but when...
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    Newbie Problem

    agree! anyway ... read books, visit experienced breeders .... think twice .... and wait... this bitch is far too young to be bred from! Maybe by the time you have done "your homework" about breeding ... although ... well maybe better to keep my opinion to myself!!!
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    seattle pitbull shootings

    yes you are right maybe took it a bit out of contaxt ... but still think you should be at the gsd owner, a dog's behaviour is often the reflection of what his owner has learned him to do! and sure, police make mistakes aswell, but what we here in europe often see is that the lack of respect...
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    hello there

    yes, if you look at puppypictures, dogpictures etc! i will try to get some new ones in, but been busy with the horses these last days! and ofcourse the weather is still so good here 26° that i am spending most time just outside with the dogs and horse! but will do my best!
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    Comment by 'sylvia liebrechts' in media 'silronrays puppy'

    to anonymus writing a comment on oct 16, thanks for the lovely compliment! if you have any other questions just contact me on my emailadres: [email protected]
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    hello there

    hello, my name is sylvia liebrechts van peursem i have labradors for 35 years, a german shephard( always gsd since a child) breed horses and write for dogmagazines! thanks for let me joining the forum/group live in southwest of france recently set up a rescuecenter for retrievers
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    seattle pitbull shootings

    everyone needs to be respected for the work he is doing! just ask yourself would you like to do his job? a policeman puts his life on stake everyday ..; for all of us ... so please ... give him the respect he deserves ...! just think how life would be without them ..... scary ......