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  1. TexasRanger

    Any experience with stage 3 Lymphoma?

    My 8yr old Pit X was diagnosed the week after Thanksgiving with Lymphoma. Starting in mid-November he began to drink and pee more than normal. Then he started having bad gas. On Friday, Nov 25th, he was lethargic and wasn't eating. Took him to the vet at 10:30 that morning and the vet...
  2. TexasRanger

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Good, bad, Jerry Springer worthy? We have lived for almost eight years in what amounts to a rural trailer park with some houses thrown in the mix. The landlord who owns the majority of it is a slimy SOB whose Amstaff killed one of my goats and terrorized the area before he shot it for killing...
  3. TexasRanger

    "Lifers" in No-Kill shelters.

    Awkward title, I know. I volunteer/donate to a no-kill shelter that has several dogs (and lord knows how many cats) that have been there for years. One dog has been there since 2010! How long is it considered humane for a dog to be sitting in a shelter? Several dogs (including the...
  4. TexasRanger


    Has anyone with an older dog tried this stuff? My vet just started carrying it and we put Dep on it (first dose tomorrow morning) to see if it would help with his dementia.
  5. TexasRanger


    Deputy (dx'd with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) just turned 9 and is, once again, loosing weight. Vet can't figure out why. He is also getting more and more "spacey", plus he is appearing to have some joint issues. Zane is turning 8 this year and is acting older than he is. While he still...
  6. TexasRanger

    Anyone else have a puppy crazy dog?

    Mysti, who had a litter of puppies as a stray, looses every last marble in her head the minute she sees one. Screaming, moaning, howling, rearing up, just going NUTS the minute she sees one. No barking/growling or aggressive posture, just pure desperation to get to said puppy. Once she is...
  7. TexasRanger

    What should my Next Dog be?

    With Zane officially a senior this year, meaning I now have two grey dogs with iffy health, I've decided to think about Next Dog (also it helps me keep my mind of Kieber's back issues and the fact that in several years I MAY be down to one dog if his issues don't resolve:() This dog will come...
  8. TexasRanger

    What is Mysti?

    She weighs 40lbs, is medium sized, doubled coated and super biddable while being aloof at the same time. Hiiiigh prey drive and has a STARE that I swear can turn things to stone. No herding behavior and gets along with almost all dogs. Just wondered what you guys think.
  9. TexasRanger

    Kieber has IVDD.

    Kieber (2yr old, Doxie/Min Pin/Chi) suddenly could not stand up yesterday night and was moaning in pain. Rushed him to the ER vet and they took x-rays and diagnosed him with "suspected intervertebral disk disease". Sent him home on 4-6 week kenneling, only allowed out to potty on leash. Also put...
  10. TexasRanger

    Anyone worked in a Petsmart Doggie Day Camp?

    What all are you required to do? What is the protocol for fights (breaking up, etc)? I know each store is going to be different, I just want some personal experiences.
  11. TexasRanger

    What breeds do you see at your local Petsmart?

    I go to one in another town (happens to be in a high income area) and there is a BIG difference compared to the one in the other town (middle income, "average" people area). I go to the on in the "Ritzy" town (tons of Drs, Lawyers, CEOs) since it is closer. These are the top 5 breeds I see...
  12. TexasRanger

    Shelter/Rescue want thread.

    To go with the Petfinder want thread, how about those dog's in your area shelters/rescues that have caught your eye? Neo, 2yr old Lab X Morpheus, 8yr old GSD Scooter, 1yr old Shar Pei X Hudson, 2yr old BC X Rowdy, 4yr old Sheltie
  13. TexasRanger

    Your dog's history?

    What happens to your dog before you got him/her? If known, where were they born? How many owners did they have? You can add anything you want. Zane (my parent's dog): Was born in the spring of 2008 on the bad side of a nearby town. Someone had tied fireworks around the necks of the puppies...
  14. TexasRanger

    Taffy the Goat

    Taffy was a handsome Kiko X whether who was a beautiful orange creme color. Taff was one of three kids out of my favorite doe, Snickers and the only buckling of the three (one sibling died shortly after birth). He was friends with my late horse, Dusty and a donkey named Skipper, we had several...
  15. TexasRanger

    My humane society has gone insane!

    According to them, this is a Keeshund X GSD. :wall: He has been at the shelter a long time and he used to be a "Chow mix". So this isn't a case of "owner says he is".
  16. TexasRanger

    Kieber, the grub hound.

    Kieber has this thing for grubs. He loves to dig them up and then play/eat them. I do try and rescue them, but I'm not always able to. So he gets a little more protein in his died ( he rarely gets one). Since its colder they have gone deeper. He does not like this fact...
  17. TexasRanger

    Weird new behavior.

    Deputy has started full on mounting and humping Abby while they are in the field. Deputy has not tried to mount either male dog and has never done this before, even when he was younger. This only seems to happen when Abby is in "play mode" with either him or another dog. Since he was...
  18. TexasRanger

    Would your dog(s) do well in an apartment?

    If you don't already live/have lived in an apartment, do you think your dog(s) would do well in that in evironment or would they get you kicked out? Forget about weight limits, imagine if this was a place that allowed every breed and size. Abby would do well. She is not vocal or destructive...
  19. TexasRanger

    Whine, Whine, Whine

    My parents dog is a master manipulator when it comes to treats. He will act like he hasn't eaten in a year and will sit there and whine pitifully at you. Gimme, Gimme! [/url]DSCN2630 by PapaGhede, on Flickr[/IMG] Or I'll cry! [/url]DSCN2631 by PapaGhede, on Flickr[/IMG]
  20. TexasRanger

    Deaf dog at the shelter.

    There is a super friendly, high energy, pittie mix at the shelter named Wendell. Problem is, he's deaf and no one here really knows how to do the basics with him. He was an owner surrender and supposedly they had trained him with hand signals, they never told us "what" hand signals they used or...